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Hope your all coping with the hot weather, it’s been that warm to be able to sleep.

We are busy at Hall Farm getting ready for the tractor run we are hosting at the

weekend on behalf of a local young farmers group, should be great fun meeting and

greeting everyone, lots of tea and coffee ready for the morning start, if it’s as warm as it

as been then we will need lots of refreshments. Hoping to get lots of pictures so look out

next weeks blog.

Hedgehogs and birds will be desperate for fresh water so keep plenty out for them.

They love to have a splash to cool themselves and this also helps to keep them healthy.

Look out next week for my pictures. Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on June 13, 2017

Well that says it all, Lesley away on her hols so the office seems a little empty, the job seems to be

running smoothly no major dramas as yet! Been treated to lunch time ball games and a good walk

on Sunday tired me out for a good nights snooze, house sitter settling in (training well in hand, tea

on time and so on) . My spot on the rug is under no discussion, set the rules from the start and you

can’t go wrong!

I am informed the weather they are having is about 40 C whatever floats your boat, but way too hot

for me, my coat does not adjust to those temperatures, I will stick to the good old British weather,

although I hear they are forecasting a red hot summer, how many times have we heard that one before.

We shall have to take what comes.

Maysie XX

Posted by in Uncategorized on June 6, 2017

Well it is that time of year when everyone starts to take their holidays, it may be in this

country or in another country, nice when you can take us pets with you we all deserve a break

from the daily routine. While you are away don’t forget to leave plenty of food out for your wildlife,

they still need our help , these Big Easy feeders are ideal for holiday season, they hold a good amount

of seed and come with a lifetime guarantee and are also frost proof so are good for all year round.

They come in three sizes, so if you are going away the large one will hold seed to last.

Good feeders may cost a little more but they will last so in the long run they are well worth

their money.

If you are going away I hope you have a good time.

Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on May 30, 2017

Hall Farm attended Wellow Village Fete at the weekend and apart from the damp weather the

day was well attended and we did manage to get a few hours break from the rain. The fete as been

running for a good many years and is well known locally for the May Pole Dancers.

It was my 6th birthday at the weekend, so my birthday treat was a new collar, my job at Hall Farm

is to test and try all new products that are pet related which most of the time is quite enjoyable,

especially the dog treats and pet beds.

I must admit my new collar is very comfortable and the pet beds are lovely and soft and Lesley tells

me they are all machine washable which is a good idea being I do like to have a roll now and again.

All part of being a dog I believe.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on May 24, 2017

Well what a beautiful days weather we are having here today.

Belinda chicks have taken their maiden flight and have all managed to leave the nest,

some a little more reluctant than others. We witnessed four of them leaving and have taken some

good pictures of their departure. Hope they all do well, at least the weather forecast is good and

they should stand a good chance to survive their first few days until they gain strength and experience.

Belinda has reared her chicks well with the help from Bert, I love the one with the two chicks peeping out from

the hole, deciding who should take the plunge first, the last three pictures are of the last chick to leave, taking

a good look round for it’s mum. Good luck, Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on May 23, 2017

Well for the past few weeks all attention as been on Belinda our resident Blue tit,

every customer that comes in the shop are fascinated by our life camera footage,

starting with her nine eggs and then six of these hatching into rather fragile chicks

but they have now turned into cute little feathered blue tits, chirping away they are now

starting to fledge the nest, we came in on Monday with all six still there but as the day went

on two left, we are now on Tuesday and they are all looking ready to depart and brave the

adventures that await them.

They are so tiny when they first leave we can only hope that they stand a good chance with

the food we provide and also what nature provides, at least they give a few good days weather

to help them on their way.

What ever will the customers focus their attention on now they are leaving! Me maybe?

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on May 16, 2017

Here at Hall Farm we are hoping eventually to build a purpose built shop and educational center,

at the moment we have very limited space in the shop and office to be able to host these events and

we are now expanded to the maximum capacity, so the next step is going to be a building project.

Although we are limited on space we still try and offer some events for local groups and clubs, so last night

we hosted an event for one of our young farmers clubs, after a very busy day at the office and shop a group

turned up and after setting some tasks and quizzes for them and explaining what we do here at Hall farm,

it made it a very late night, but we are always enthusiastic to help in any way we can to encourage young and

older to help our wildlife.

Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on May 9, 2017

Well I do wish the weather would warm up all these light nights and no warm evenings yet

to be able to enjoy sitting in the garden after a long day at work, we can only hope that warmer

weather is heading our way. Here at Weston we are hosting a tractor run in June and Sunday

was our practice run which turned out to be a very long day from 9.30 in the morning and

finally finishing at 6.00 pm , do they not realize I need my afternoon snooze, alright for them

they had a stop over at the pub, this was for food and not drink, driving rules apply to tractors

so no drink driving.

First thing in the morning and some are still waking or maybe just wishing they were else where!!



Can’t wait till the actual event hopefully we should have a good turn out and nice weather would

be a bonus. Practice run went well although it was a long day. Speak soon when I have caught up

on my sleep.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on May 3, 2017

Well I said i would keep you informed about our Belinda (our resident blue tit).

We came this morning and much to our surprise four chicks have hatched, we are

hoping for more being there are still five eggs left, she is feeding them well with the

help from Bert her partner.

I will keep you updated, a bit warmer weather would be beneficial but I am sure

they will be good parents.

Love Maysie. XX

Pictures will follow later!

Posted by in Blog on May 2, 2017

Hi hope you’ve all had a good bank holiday weekend, quiet one for me, Lesley been full of cold

and Tinny of on a tractor run, one of many at the moment so the house is nice and quiet, plenty

of time for my afternoon snoozes.

Belinda our resident blue-tit is still sitting on her eggs we are all waiting patiently for the big

event, hatching must be imminent, she is shuffling her eggs and at times looks a little unsettled.

As soon as we see any signs we will let you know, nine eggs let’s hope they all hatch. We are

supplying her with our blue tit mix and plenty of mealworms just around the corner, it’s like

her very own corner shop. i hope she appreciates this!

Speak next week unless any hatching appears before then.

Love Maysie  XX