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Posted by in Blog on December 12, 2017

This as got to be my favorite time of year, customers are proving ever generous with an

endless stream of treats I shall have to worry about my figure in the New Year it seems to

be expanding a little, this could also have something to do with my age I keep telling myself.

I have been informed that people spend more on pets than family members at Christmas, quite

right, I consider myself an all important member of the family and staff here at Hall Farm, so

please carry on and treat your loyal pets.

Gor Red Pet Bed                                                          Gor Pet Bed

A new bed always makes a nice treat for your favorite pet and why not it is Christmas.

Speak next week, not long now, take care in this icy weather.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on December 5, 2017

It’s certainly a dogs life but where does the time go, less than three weeks until Christmas,

this year seems to have flown by, exciting things happening in the new year with a new

office and shop build ongoing with paws crossed a spring opening would be fantastic if

not a little optimistic, keep you informed with this.

Just one more Christmas Carol service to attend then we can concentrate on our customers

in the shop and of coarse on line, getting a lot of our customers trained with lots of little

treats for me ( I just love my job ) in case you are not sure of my job title Chief Meeter and

Greeter, I am loyal and always first to the door and I cannot remember having any sick days!

Love Maysie XXX

Posted by in Blog on November 28, 2017

Yes it’s that time of year when sometimes all you want to do is get nice and cosy in front

of a roaring fire, we are lucky “us loved pets” that have the luxury of our loving owners.

Food is provided and all you ask in return is that wagging tail when you walk in the door.

Not quite so cosy for the wildlife that have to survive the winter months outdoors in the

cold and wet, not knowing where their next meal is.

All is not lost, we are a nation that appreciate and love the wildlife around us and many

provide lots of treats for the birds and other wild animals that visit the garden, so please

continue and see the wildlife flourish in your garden and just like your trusted pet, the birds

will keep returning for their treats.

Leave plenty of water out for them.                Swing Seat for treats.

Suet cake tubs.                                 Hanging Water Dish


Let’s all do our bit to help wildlife.

Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on November 21, 2017

Stunning crisp frost on Sunday morning, spurred us to take a brisk walk around the

block so to speak, which is actually a four mile round trip and being that Sunday lunch

was booked I think someone was a little keen to get there, roast beef was looming I think.

A “doggy bag” is always appreciated for my Sunday treat and then a good snooze on the

rug in front of a roaring fire, sets me up for Monday morning what could be any better.

Been another busy weekend with a local Christmas village event to set up and attend

with the local school choir in full voice and lots of excited children made the day enjoyable.

Monday morning and the new shop site is starting to get lots of activity so we are all looking

forward for the opening in Spring next year, seems a long way of but time just passes by so

quick it will be here before we know it. Hope your all doing lots of Christmas shopping and

we shall have a chat next week.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on November 14, 2017

Hope your all keeping busy, this time of year things are starting to get busy

with people starting to feed the garden birds more with the colder weather,

first thing Monday morning filling the wildlife bird feeders, quite cold this

morning with a sharp frost, I am sure the birds appreciate that little extra

help, they were soon queuing to get their morning breakfast, fun watching

all the sparrows lining up on the nearby hedgerow.

Busy packing boxes this week for a local Christmas Village Event which  takes time

trying to remember everything and we end up with more boxes than we can possilby

fit in the jeep, all good fun, keeps me out of trouble and I end up getting lots of treats,

after all it is Christmas.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on November 7, 2017

Gosh what a busy weekend it’s been, our first Christmas Event was on at the weekend,

this was at a local village close to the farm and shop, all went well and people were really

delighted and surprised at our products, lots of them were able to start their Christmas shopping.

The walks this weekend have been limited due to this event and then on Sunday another busy

day, Sunday lunch for family and friends kept us busy again, but the fire was lovely laid in front

most of the afternoon.

Monday morning back to work, woken up to a hard frost, white all over quite festive for the time of year.

Lots of customers to meet and greet all starting to think about what gifts are appropriate for their

friends and family, we have lots to choose from to suit all ages and tastes.

Mechanic Mug                                                         Baker Mug 

Robin Tea Pot Nester                                         Silver Birch Tit Box

The Great Tits were constantly in and out of the nest box at the weekend obviously

nipping in for the warmth, just shows they use these nest boxes all year round and not

just for nesting.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on October 31, 2017

Monday morning and the first frost appears on the grass, a good sign winter is on the way.

Seasonal weather is fine keeps you walking a little faster on your walks, a quick march around

Thoresby Estate at the weekend got some much appreciated fresh air in the lungs, what a beautiful

place to have a brisk walk and on the plus side no charges, not even for parking. Why in this country

are we ruining towns with ever increasing parking charges, making good old fashioned market towns

into ghost towns and this doesn’t help small businesses or encourage new ones to set up, crazy.

Anyway after that little moan thank goodness we still have one or two places that are still available

for a good Sunday walk.

Speak to you next week, hope you can all get a little walking fitted into your bust lives.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on October 24, 2017

What mild weather we are having at the moment, may it last a little longer, walks at this time of year

are perfect with the wind blowing and the glorious colors on the trees.

First time we have seen Jays in the garden, quite surprised had to look twice to believe what I

was seeing, and also we had a Peregrine land on top of the conifers, having a good look around,

probably after an easy meal, close to the feeders, always seem to have a siting at this time of year.

Keep your eye out for the different species you can spot in your garden.

Love Maysie XXX


Posted by in Blog on October 17, 2017

Weird images yesterday of the sun and sky all due to the Sahara sand and hurricane Ophelia,

weather is a powerful force, luckily I was inside away from the wind.

We are hoping to see a start on the new shop and office this week, fingers/paws crossed

it seems as though we have been waiting forever, patience is a wonderful thing but every

body as  a limit, a start will be unbelievable.

Hope you were all busy in the garden at the weekend, beautiful October sunshine what a

treat to get those last minute gardening tasks done out the way for winter. Keep busy and speak

next week when hopefully we will have progress!

Love Maysie XX




Posted by in Blog on October 10, 2017

What a busy week, trying to put the last bits in place for the new build shop and office,

so much red tape is unbelievable, not going to bore you with all the details but the air

around here has been a little trying. Can’t wait for the new premises more space is going

to be fantastic, already marked the position for my new bed, king size is already on order.

I think red is my color goes nice with my black coat, my bed at the moment is squashed in a small

corner under a desk, you just can’t treat a valued member of staff like this! Never had a day sick what

more can you ask for. I will keep you posted about the new build and the progress once we get started.

Love Maysie XX