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Posted by in Blog on March 15, 2018

Wow what a week it’s been so far the new shop is starting to look great and ordering

new stock to fill the shop is well on the way, looking forward to my new office and bed

which I have yet to decide the location, underneath the cake counter would be ideal but

I have been banned from that area for some reason, not to worry I am sure there will still

be lots of treats from customers and lorry drivers.

The birds here at Hall farm are still feeding well and with more cold weather forecast

a little help will go a long way for their breeding season which they are starting to show

signs and many already starting to build their nests. On the camera nest box we are frequently

seeing a yellow hammer investigate only time will tell if she decides to take residence.

We do find it a little strange that she is in a nest box as usually they nest in low hedgerows

or ditches, we shall have to wait and see that is the beauty of having a camera in the nest box,

time will tell. I shall keep you informed on her progress.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on March 6, 2018

Gosh it has been so cold with the snow and wind chill, I cannot remember it being any

colder for the time of year and I was so glad to get by the fire at the end of the day, flaked

out for most of the night but at least it was warm. I do love playing in the snow but it’s

always nice to come indoors after a good run around. Hope you have all been keeping

warm and safe.

How ever do our little birds survive these cold nights, I am sure many wouldn’t without

the help from all those that feed our wildlife. So keep up the good work.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on February 27, 2018

With the weather being dry but fresh a walk was in order for Sunday morning, and it was

a beautiful morning with the frost still on the ground and lots of wildlife around enjoying

the winter sun, a good run works up an appetite for Sunday lunch and a long snooze in front

of the fire makes my perfect Sunday.

Plenty of wildlife around at the moment starting to pair up for the breeding season, we have

already had visitors in the camera bird box here at Hall farm so we are hopeful that they

will be back to make a home for themselves.

Nice to see the snowdrops out and I have also noticed that the first daffodils are also nearly

out, lovely to see the first colours of Spring emerging, and hopefully a little warmer weather

would be nice.

Take care and keep warm, speak again next week when I shall update you on the new shop build.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on February 14, 2018

Gosh it doesn’t get a lot warmer, still very much feeling like winter even though the lighter

mornings and nights are starting to have some effect.

I think the birds do feel the cold, the other morning spotted a bird sat on a post and it was

so puffed with it’s feathers I couldn’t make out what it was, but after approaching I realised

it was a Kestral but from a distance it appeared to be nothing like it, I have also noticed

the Buzzards are lingering round grass verges waiting for the temperatures to warm up before

they try to fly high. Let’s hope it starts to warm up a little for Spring to take hold.

National Nest Box Week runs from the 14th February – 21st February so have a look around

your garden and see if there is anywhere to site a new box to help the garden birds increase

in numbers as so many are in decline and they need all the help we can give them.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on February 6, 2018

Oh dear I did mention last week that Spring might be in sight but judging by the

temperatures this week I am afraid I may have got this wrong, it is freezing here

and there are a few flakes of snow around which is making it feel even colder.

Nice to get by the fire at night and enjoy a little snooze after a long day attending

work and office chores.

It’s been a busy weekend with Lesley attending the Spring Trade Fair looking for

new idea’s for the new shop, and from what I hear there are some amazing things in

the pipe line, and what will be lovely is to have that extra space, the new shop looks

huge, perfect for a good game of fetch with the ball, ha ha, I think there might be some

new rules coming into effect quite soon.

Already thinking where I will be able to park my bed.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on January 30, 2018

It’s been another busy week here at Hall Farm, the new build is starting to take shape,

the side walls have started to have their cladding on and it is nice to see an actual building

rather than just a frame.

The nights and mornings are just starting to draw out so a little more daylight and what

makes it even nicer is the little bit of sunshine we are getting much better than the rainy

grey days we have had in January. Spring seems to be a little closer when you start to see

the sunshine, the snowdrops are appearing and I have even seen a daffodil out in full bloom.

The birds are certainly starting to show signs of the breeding season and are investigating the

bird houses around the garden.

Enjoy the sunshine and let’s look forward to the Spring sunshine.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on January 23, 2018

Hope your all prepared for this weekend for the Big Garden Bird Watch, well

worth taking part to help maintain the survey to monitor the levels of birds

in our gardens, it’s really easy to download and print a form and you can then

relax for an hour and enjoy a cuppa at the same time and start counting.

We should all start to think about the wildlife in our gardens not only the birds

but insects and bugs will soon be appearing in need of a safe place to live.

Triangle Insect House               Multi Room Insect House

Large Insect Residence

Gardens are fantastic refuges for bees and we are a nation that loves to encourage them

in our gardens by planting flowers that encourage and attract our wildlife.

Take care and we will speak next week.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on January 16, 2018

January can be a long cold month but lots to look forward to over the coming months,

the new shop/office is starting to take shape although we are behind our schedule, let’s

hope the weather starts to pick up it’s amazing come February there is always a chance of

some sunny warmer days.

I hope you have all going to take part in the Big garden Bird Watch, it is the largest survey

to monitor the birds, with some struggling to adapt this gives an insight into how each species

is increasing or decreasing as the case may be. So download a chart and grab yourself an hour

with a cuppa and take part.

Get the children or gran children involved you may be surprised how much enjoyment they

will get from this as well as learning all the different visitors you get, knowledge about our

countryside will last a lifetime and will always be a benefit later on in life.

So visit the   Big Garden Birdwatch website

Speak next week when hopefully you should be all set to take part.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on January 9, 2018

Gosh it’s been so cold these last few days, so the new shop/office build is steady

to say the least, but we are still trying to push along although we are now well

behind schedule, we can only hope that when the weather does pick up we may

be able to gain a little ground.

The birds are feeding well and I am sure they are grateful for the seed we are

providing, keeping a constant supply is vital with the cold weather for them to


January seems to be a long cold month and I am sure the wildlife must feel

the same, they need to maintain their body weight to survive.

So keep those feeders stocked up and you will have happy birds ready for the breeding season.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on January 3, 2018

Yes that’s right I have had lots of walks over the holidays, what a treat to get out and

have a good run around in the fresh air, apparently this is one thing we all enjoy, especially

when we tend to sit around watching the same old boring telly go on give it a try, it’s well worth

it, you will always see different birds every time you venture out, only the other day we saw the Buzzard

feeding on the ground, you often only see them soaring high in the sky, they do look quite a size when they

are on the ground.

Big Garden Bird Watch will soon be here and it is great that so many people take part, this provides crucial

information to see how our bird population is coping with our ever changing weather patterns, what it does

provide  is that by feeding our birds all year round can only help their numbers. So please try and take part.

Love Maysie XX