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Posted by in Blog on August 15, 2017

Well I have gone and done it this time, running after the ball seemed such a good idea at

the time but every dog should know their limits and I am afraid I think I have exceeded mine,

stiff does not describe how I feel, I am sure you know what I mean it’s the same as when

you go to the gym it’s not until the next day and the pain hits, a day on my bed helped but

the legs are still stiff, and on top of this we have had some late nights with the weather fine

harvest is none stop at the moment, a lesson to be learnt.

Hope to be feeling a little less stiff next week!

Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on August 8, 2017

British weather being predictable, raining again and they give it all day long, after a reasonable weekend

we managed to get some harvest cut, I am afraid it looks like being a snatch and grab season at the moment.

Hedgehogs are busy trying to gain as much weight as they can feeding on worms, slugs, snails and beetles and

with a little help from us, leaving regular food out they will achieve enough weight to see them through winter.

Mealworms are still a favorite but with any food all in moderation. The Spike’s Hedgehog Dry Food

is also a good all round supplement for them, and don’t forget to leave plenty of fresh water out for them,

that’s a laugh with all the rain we are having, providing a safe habitat in a quiet corner in the garden or

hedgerow also helps them through hibernation.

Igloo Hogitat                                                        Hogitat

These make an ideal home and take up very little space.

Keep taking care of all our wonderful wildlife and try to keep dry in all this rain.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on August 1, 2017

I am sure as you venture out in the mornings some of you will be experiencing those wonderful

smells you get in the countryside at this time of year, yes it is muck spreading time, with farmers

clearing their fields it is not long before the muck spreaders appear and this is my favorite time to

get mischievous, I just love a good roll in the sweet muck, refreshers the coat and I can’t think of

anything more  satisfying until I return to a stern look, it’s straight outside for a good

shampoo and set. They are spreading by the office this week but Lesley is keeping a very tight leash

on me at the moment, she knows me only to well.

The weather at the moment is very frustrating for farmers, so many are wanting to get their

combine out but that occasional shower seems to be occurring almost every day preventing

harvest, let’s hope for a little better weather .

Speak next week, I shall try to keep out of trouble.

Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on July 25, 2017

Well where as the time gone we are on summer holidays already, time to have fun.

All the memories come flooding back, long bike rides, country walks, playing in the

garden, hide and seek and warm summer nights, make the most of the time as we

keep seeing posts about how many days it is until Christmas, doesn’t even bear thinking

about, lets enjoy now and forget about that time for a while at least.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on July 18, 2017

Well although my job description may be chief meeter and greeter in harvest time I

think this extends to night watch as well, midnight last night was my clocking off time,

a little late, getting my twelve hours sleep proves difficult at this time of year and the eyes start

to get weary, but I keep everyone on their toes and when we arrive home I am always ready for

my supper.

Lots of children will be breaking up for the summer holidays so lets hope we can have some good

weather and make full use of the parks that are out there and with so many being free this can make

a cheap outing and with a picnic lunch what could be more fun!

Enjoy the summer and we will speak next week so long as I am still awake.

Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on July 11, 2017

Well although harvest is fast approaching we are still managing to get a few tractor runs in

before we get into full swing of harvest, the last one we did  had a large turn out and this

one will more than likely be the last one as work comes before pleasure with farming. Lots

to see and you get the chance to venture where you are unable to go normally, as with any hobby

it’s not always about the tractors but it’s about the social aspect, farming can be quite lonely and

socializing can be quite good after a long day on a tractor working the fields.

It’s raining here at the moment so I think I will just catch up with a little sleep, I am expecting

some long days soon take care and I will catch up next week.

Maysie XX




Posted by in Blog on June 27, 2017

Extremely busy weekend with the tractor run all seemed to go well and hopefully all

had a good time and enjoyed the refreshments provided, all the help was very much

appreciated, these events take a lot of planning but would not run so smoothly with

out the help from all the volunteers.

Helpful volunteers arriving.                            First tractors lining up.

Lunch time tractor park.                                 Setting off for a fun day.


Ariel view of first tractors.

Marshals.                         The run begins.

A big thank you for all the help organizing and making the day run smoothly, see you all

next time.

Maysie XX


Hope your all coping with the hot weather, it’s been that warm to be able to sleep.

We are busy at Hall Farm getting ready for the tractor run we are hosting at the

weekend on behalf of a local young farmers group, should be great fun meeting and

greeting everyone, lots of tea and coffee ready for the morning start, if it’s as warm as it

as been then we will need lots of refreshments. Hoping to get lots of pictures so look out

next weeks blog.

Hedgehogs and birds will be desperate for fresh water so keep plenty out for them.

They love to have a splash to cool themselves and this also helps to keep them healthy.

Look out next week for my pictures. Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on June 13, 2017

Well that says it all, Lesley away on her hols so the office seems a little empty, the job seems to be

running smoothly no major dramas as yet! Been treated to lunch time ball games and a good walk

on Sunday tired me out for a good nights snooze, house sitter settling in (training well in hand, tea

on time and so on) . My spot on the rug is under no discussion, set the rules from the start and you

can’t go wrong!

I am informed the weather they are having is about 40 C whatever floats your boat, but way too hot

for me, my coat does not adjust to those temperatures, I will stick to the good old British weather,

although I hear they are forecasting a red hot summer, how many times have we heard that one before.

We shall have to take what comes.

Maysie XX

Posted by in Uncategorized on June 6, 2017

Well it is that time of year when everyone starts to take their holidays, it may be in this

country or in another country, nice when you can take us pets with you we all deserve a break

from the daily routine. While you are away don’t forget to leave plenty of food out for your wildlife,

they still need our help , these Big Easy feeders are ideal for holiday season, they hold a good amount

of seed and come with a lifetime guarantee and are also frost proof so are good for all year round.

They come in three sizes, so if you are going away the large one will hold seed to last.

Good feeders may cost a little more but they will last so in the long run they are well worth

their money.

If you are going away I hope you have a good time.

Maysie XX