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Posted by in Blog on October 10, 2017

What a busy week, trying to put the last bits in place for the new build shop and office,

so much red tape is unbelievable, not going to bore you with all the details but the air

around here has been a little trying. Can’t wait for the new premises more space is going

to be fantastic, already marked the position for my new bed, king size is already on order.

I think red is my color goes nice with my black coat, my bed at the moment is squashed in a small

corner under a desk, you just can’t treat a valued member of staff like this! Never had a day sick what

more can you ask for. I will keep you posted about the new build and the progress once we get started.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on October 3, 2017

Hugely disappointed that the Southwell Ploughing Event was cancelled we had been

preparing for quite a while and due to the wet weather it was cancelled two days before.

We were also going to attend a bird ringing demonstration but this was also cancelled

due to the wet and windy weather. But never mind we have plenty to look forward to, our

new office and shop build is about to get started, long awaited but we are excited to what

this will bring, we are hoping to hold educational and craft event for all ages, so plenty to

think about.

Then of coarse there will be Christmas which is always a busy time and lots of planning

as many customers like to stock up well on their bird seed.

We have also been trying to stock products that are in some way attached to the countryside


So far we are pleased with the new stock. See what you think?

Love Maysie XX

Gosh things are just hectic here for the last couple of weeks we are busy trying to

gather all our products ready for our stand at Southwell Ploughing Event, this will

be the first time we have taken part are we are very much looking forward to this

great family day event. Lots of boxes are starting to bung the shop up I am not sure

how many more we can fit into our small shop roll on Saturday when we can finally

set our stand up, can’t wait to see it, we have some amazing products to show.

I shall let you know how we get on, fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to us.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on September 19, 2017

Walking at this time of year is perfect for me, the weather not too hot and so long as you

can avoid the rain it is beautiful. The trees are just starting to shred their first leaves but the fruit is still

quite plentiful on the blackberry bushes and elderberries.

Plenty there to maybe try to make some jams and gins! Home made goods seem to be popular with lots of

people having a go.

Speak again next week.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on September 5, 2017

Well all seems to be going well with the land work and dare I say we are ahead of schedule, hope I am not tempting

fete. I am more than ready for a few long walks as I am full of energy and raring to go, come on Lesley a good walk

and a bit of wind will give you a new lease of life and keeps me happy at the same time.

I know it is a little early for leaves changing color but I just think this picture sums up the beauty of Autumn.

On the farm they are still busy preparing the land for wheat and barley planting, the oil seed rape is now all in

and the rainfall should only help this germinate so long as we can keep the slugs at bay, never ending jobs at

this time of year, such a quick turnaround in today’s modern farming keeps everyone busy.

Speak again next week after my long walks!!

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on August 29, 2017

Well the weather was fantastic for the last summer bank holiday, perfect and I am sure many places

were packed which is great for trade, nothing worse than a wet soggy weekend. I was looking forward

to a quiet one with maybe a few country walks especially being we had finished combining and we were

well on top, but then the seed planter went wrong putting the wrong application of seed into the ground

and being that it is vital to get the right amount on all tempers were getting frayed to say the least. So all

weekend was spent trying to sort what was the problem, computers are wonderful things until they go wrong

and then you need the experts to try and put them right and with just about all farm machinery computers

play a big part in the technology, so after three days of lots of trails I think we finally sorted it, fingers and paws

crossed.  No walks for me!

Machinery just gets bigger and bigger lets hope it also gets better!

Speak next week when hopefully things may have calmed down a little.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on August 22, 2017

Well it’s been a busy harvest as ever but we are at least a couple of weeks early compared to last year,

I think this is due to the hot weather we had in June although I do think July and August as been

a little disappointing but we are all combined now and at least now there will not be so many late

nights for myself, this is not so for the farmers as there is such a quick turnaround to get the land

ready for the next seasons crops.

Looking forward to next months Southwell ploughing match where we have a stand, a good family

day out with lots to see and get involved in to learn lots about rural activities if you are local we would

love to see you there.

Maysie XX





Posted by in Blog on August 15, 2017

Well I have gone and done it this time, running after the ball seemed such a good idea at

the time but every dog should know their limits and I am afraid I think I have exceeded mine,

stiff does not describe how I feel, I am sure you know what I mean it’s the same as when

you go to the gym it’s not until the next day and the pain hits, a day on my bed helped but

the legs are still stiff, and on top of this we have had some late nights with the weather fine

harvest is none stop at the moment, a lesson to be learnt.

Hope to be feeling a little less stiff next week!

Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on August 8, 2017

British weather being predictable, raining again and they give it all day long, after a reasonable weekend

we managed to get some harvest cut, I am afraid it looks like being a snatch and grab season at the moment.

Hedgehogs are busy trying to gain as much weight as they can feeding on worms, slugs, snails and beetles and

with a little help from us, leaving regular food out they will achieve enough weight to see them through winter.

Mealworms are still a favorite but with any food all in moderation. The Spike’s Hedgehog Dry Food

is also a good all round supplement for them, and don’t forget to leave plenty of fresh water out for them,

that’s a laugh with all the rain we are having, providing a safe habitat in a quiet corner in the garden or

hedgerow also helps them through hibernation.

Igloo Hogitat                                                        Hogitat

These make an ideal home and take up very little space.

Keep taking care of all our wonderful wildlife and try to keep dry in all this rain.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on August 1, 2017

I am sure as you venture out in the mornings some of you will be experiencing those wonderful

smells you get in the countryside at this time of year, yes it is muck spreading time, with farmers

clearing their fields it is not long before the muck spreaders appear and this is my favorite time to

get mischievous, I just love a good roll in the sweet muck, refreshers the coat and I can’t think of

anything more  satisfying until I return to a stern look, it’s straight outside for a good

shampoo and set. They are spreading by the office this week but Lesley is keeping a very tight leash

on me at the moment, she knows me only to well.

The weather at the moment is very frustrating for farmers, so many are wanting to get their

combine out but that occasional shower seems to be occurring almost every day preventing

harvest, let’s hope for a little better weather .

Speak next week, I shall try to keep out of trouble.

Maysie XX