All Is Well

Posted by in Blog on May 22, 2018 0 comments

Yes here at Hall Farm things are starting to get some sort of organisation now we have had the

new shop opened just over two weeks now and although I am banned from the coffee lounge all

seems to be running smoothly and customers seem to like their little treats with scrumptious cake

and all your fancy coffee’s and teas, I do have my little corner with my water and biscuits and the

occasional treat nothing like the cakes but I am told these will be bad for me.

Anyway that’s enough about all these changes let’s talk about this glorious weather we are having at

the moment Spring is a stunning season with the trees and shrubs all coming in full bloom and are

the most glorious green you can imagine, you just cannot beat the countryside and the walks are most

appreciated although they are a little thin on the ground, room for improvement.

I shall leave you with that last comment before I get into any bother.

Love Maysie XX