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It’s nearly been six months since the new shop opening and all seems to be running smoothly, there

never seems to be a minute to breathe with lots of events happening over the next few months, the first

“Little Farmer’s Club” event is scheduled for this month so hopefully all will go well, this event is booked up

so this is a good sign for things to come.

The “Bird’s Nest Coffee Lounge” is also proving popular with lots of good reviews praising the coffee and cakes,

although I am banned from this area, the shop looks amazing with lots of space for customers to browse and take

their time to take in all the fabulous new products which we are now able to stock.

We are all looking forward to Christmas with lots planned, mince pies and mulled wine to name but a few, all the

spirit of Christmas.

Just a few images of the new shop, new products are added weekly to keep them interesting.

If your local pop in and take a look for yourself I am sure you won’t be disappointed, with many

customers saying it is like a hidden gem!

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on May 22, 2018

Yes here at Hall Farm things are starting to get some sort of organisation now we have had the

new shop opened just over two weeks now and although I am banned from the coffee lounge all

seems to be running smoothly and customers seem to like their little treats with scrumptious cake

and all your fancy coffee’s and teas, I do have my little corner with my water and biscuits and the

occasional treat nothing like the cakes but I am told these will be bad for me.

Anyway that’s enough about all these changes let’s talk about this glorious weather we are having at

the moment Spring is a stunning season with the trees and shrubs all coming in full bloom and are

the most glorious green you can imagine, you just cannot beat the countryside and the walks are most

appreciated although they are a little thin on the ground, room for improvement.

I shall leave you with that last comment before I get into any bother.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on May 14, 2018

Oh my it has been madness here since opening the new shop last weekend, we did manage

to get everything set up with the displays although there were some very late nights, the turn

out on opening day was amazing with so many people turning out, many thanks to all.

I am getting used to the new surroundings although there are a few restrictions now with

the new coffee lounge, but the treats are still coming from the regular lorry drivers and customers.

Keep you informed on all the amazing new products that are in the new shop once we have

got a little more organised.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Blog on April 24, 2018

Well you would never think that in just over a weeks time our new shop will be opening,

the ground work is ongoing and I have every confidence that all will be turned around to

try and make it all look respectable for the opening, I think I have been neglected slightly

and hopefully when all is back to normal ha ha, I will return to more walks and lots of fuss.

Well after a few glorious days sunshine we are back to average temperatures, lovely while

it lasted but it seems to come all at once with such intensity that it drains you with the heat.

I shall try and post next week when I am sure we will all be getting nervous and excited for

the opening.

Love Maysie XX

Posted by in Uncategorized on April 18, 2018

I am so sorry I have not blogged last week the new build seems to have taken over our

lives here at Hall Farm, hectic just doesn’t come close to how busy we are at the moment,

but what is good news is that the shop is looking good and progressing well ready for the

opening on May 5th we are all getting excited. The weather has hampered us some what

but a little sunshine this week makes things look a whole lot better.

Hard to believe we will be open in two weeks time but come what may we will be there.

Speak next week when I am sure things will only be busier.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on April 3, 2018

Well so much for a break, that just didn’t happen been to work most days due to

the plasterers getting the new shop ready for May and the weather was just awful

so walks were a little thin on the ground, more like a quick run around the farm yard.

Had so much planned for the weekend but work comes first so I shall have to wait for

a bit nicer weather to enjoy a few more walks.

Our wildlife is still very busy around Hall Farm with lots of birds already sitting on their

eggs, and our camera nest box is still getting visitors but none have settled yet, but we are

still hopeful that one may settle and make a home.

Keep you updated with the new shop not long to go now before the big opening.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on March 27, 2018

What a glorious Sunday we had and I was treated to two walks along the country lane,

lovely to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. It seems to have been a long winter let’s

hope the Easter weekend can bring some nice sunny weather with it.

The pond in the garden at Hall Farm is full of frog spurn so we are expecting lots of little

jumping frogs in the coming weeks.

Have a great Easter and I will update you on the new shop build due to open on

5th May, it will be a close call.

Maysie XX

Posted by in Uncategorized on March 20, 2018

We are all starting to get a little excited with the new shop starting to look a little more

complete with the plastering now ongoing, the schedule is on target although it will be a

close call for the opening date, paws crossed and I feel tempers may get a little strained

nearer the date.

It still is very cold and there are little signs of any warmer weather approaching, still need

my winter coat, and the fire is still inviting at night time. So do keep wrapped up and lets hope warmer

weather will come soon.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on March 15, 2018

Wow what a week it’s been so far the new shop is starting to look great and ordering

new stock to fill the shop is well on the way, looking forward to my new office and bed

which I have yet to decide the location, underneath the cake counter would be ideal but

I have been banned from that area for some reason, not to worry I am sure there will still

be lots of treats from customers and lorry drivers.

The birds here at Hall farm are still feeding well and with more cold weather forecast

a little help will go a long way for their breeding season which they are starting to show

signs and many already starting to build their nests. On the camera nest box we are frequently

seeing a yellow hammer investigate only time will tell if she decides to take residence.

We do find it a little strange that she is in a nest box as usually they nest in low hedgerows

or ditches, we shall have to wait and see that is the beauty of having a camera in the nest box,

time will tell. I shall keep you informed on her progress.

Love Maysie XX


Posted by in Blog on March 6, 2018

Gosh it has been so cold with the snow and wind chill, I cannot remember it being any

colder for the time of year and I was so glad to get by the fire at the end of the day, flaked

out for most of the night but at least it was warm. I do love playing in the snow but it’s

always nice to come indoors after a good run around. Hope you have all been keeping

warm and safe.

How ever do our little birds survive these cold nights, I am sure many wouldn’t without

the help from all those that feed our wildlife. So keep up the good work.

Love Maysie XX