It Only Gets Busier

Posted by in Blog on March 15, 2018 0 comments

Wow what a week it’s been so far the new shop is starting to look great and ordering

new stock to fill the shop is well on the way, looking forward to my new office and bed

which I have yet to decide the location, underneath the cake counter would be ideal but

I have been banned from that area for some reason, not to worry I am sure there will still

be lots of treats from customers and lorry drivers.

The birds here at Hall farm are still feeding well and with more cold weather forecast

a little help will go a long way for their breeding season which they are starting to show

signs and many already starting to build their nests. On the camera nest box we are frequently

seeing a yellow hammer investigate only time will tell if she decides to take residence.

We do find it a little strange that she is in a nest box as usually they nest in low hedgerows

or ditches, we shall have to wait and see that is the beauty of having a camera in the nest box,

time will tell. I shall keep you informed on her progress.

Love Maysie XX