Jobs For May

Jobs For May

A little late this month but with the new shop opening things here have been busier than normal

but we are up and running now and work load is starting to get back to some sort of order. The new

shop looks amazing and is so much bigger than the other, it’s great having the space to be able to

display products for customers to have a browse around and take their time to look.

This month is a beautiful month with the gardens looking lush and green and the wildlife extremely

busy providing and rearing their young, so it is very important to keep your feeders extra clean to prevent

any disease which young birds will be more prone to catching. So enjoy watching them fluttering around

busy as ever and June will be here before we know it.

Keep busy.



Jobs For April

Well we are still waiting for some warmer weather and chance to get in the garden

to have a good tidy after the winter months, my garden is certainly ready for a good

Spring clean. I have already noticed Blackbirds starting to build their nests and there

is also lots of interest in the nest boxes I sited last Autumn, so I am hopeful to have quite

a few residents in the garden.

When I rake the lawn I will be saving the moss for the birds to gather for their nests and

any pet hair is also a good material for lining their nests, they need something snug in this


I am sure by the end of next month we shall be talking about young fledglings, where

does the time go.

Hope you get some nice weather to get out in the countryside in the coming weeks.





Jobs For March

Let’s hope March brings warmer weather and then we shall get one or two days out in the garden.

The snowdrops are now in full bloom and the daffodils are not far behind which adds a little brightness

after the long winter days draw to a close.

It always amazes me that what ever the weather brings it never stops nature, they carry on with their lives,

pairing up for the breeding season and the shrubs also start to form buds ready to spring when it

does turn warmer.

Feeding the birds during these colder months is vital for their survival and I am sure without this many

would not survive, so I always increase on feed at this time of year and add a variation to try to suit all.

Sunflower kernels always go well in my garden with the feeders always having visitors on them. The

Blue tits love the suet cakes and suet pellets and always seem to be so busy fluttering from one to the

other and Mealworms are always a good meal for the Robins which are one of my favorite birds, ever

loyal when you start to garden, there never far away ready to pick up a bug or insect.


    Mealworms                                          Sunflower Kernels           Suet Cake 






Jobs For February

February arrives with the first signs of Spring with the beautiful snowdrops and then followed

shortly by daffodils and crocus then you know we are hopefully in for some warmer and sunnier days.

It’s also time to give all your feeders a good clean after the birds have taken full advantage over the

winter months, and maybe invest in a few new ones if they haven’t withstood the cold frosts.

The Big Easy range are that little more expensive but come with a lifetime guarantee and are

a good size to save filling every day, they make a good investment and are made from frost proof


It’s not too late to site new bird boxes, the birds are still having a good look around to see what

suits them best.

Take a look on the web site and see what suits your garden.







Jobs For January

The start of a new year and already the birds are starting to show interest in nesting boxes,

I have seen the Great Tits in and out of several I have sited in the garden, so I am hoping

that one will suit their requirements. Now is the perfect time to think about siting new ones

for the coming breeding season, I like to offer plenty for them to choose from, offering varied

styles for different species.

Open fronted for Robins/Blackbirds   Silver birch for Blue Tits                                    Silver birch for Robins/Blackbird/Wren

Multi Purpose Nest Box                                Robin Tea Pot Nester

So start looking around your garden to see where best to provide a new home for your garden birds.





Jobs For December

Well we are here again, Christmas upon us and time to get cracking with the Christmas shopping.

Lots of delightful things to give but it is a shame that so many gifts never do get used and often are

left in the bottom of a drawer or cupboard.

So why not give something that others will benefit from such as a bird house, insect hotel or some

other habitat form the wildlife.

Multi Room Insect Hotel                                        Blackbird/Thrush/Robin Box          Black Bat Box

Green Wooden Hedgehog House                       Robin Tea Pot Nester                                          Large Insect Residence

Igloo Hogitat                                                         Silver Birch Tit Nest Box                                        Open Silver Robin Birch Nest Box

What lovely and useful gifts these will make and will last for many years, giving pleasure to others is this what not

Christmas is all about? Have a lovely Christmas and speak again in the New Year for more jobs to keep us busy.






Jobs For November

November arrived with first frosts starting to appear, all the garden is ready for the winter months,

Hogitats all in place for their hibernation and started to get the bird feeders all cleaned and checked

for the winter feeding. Just thinking about adding a new feeder after watching the ever increasing amount

of birds visiting, and what is nice is that there are more species now and obviously they must be getting

more confident with the area. The Ring Pull Range is proving to be a very popular choice with the easy

clean mechanism and the life time guarantee.

Also the Big Easy Range is a strong feeder and holds that little more seed for less fill ups.

Going to check all the existing feeders and give them a good clean with this Hygiene Brush Set,

which is great for getting in all the awkward places.

And don’t forget the ever important water with the frosts and ice, wildlife still needs a constant supply

of water.

Hanging Water Dish                        Echoes Bird Bath and Pedestal 

So there is plenty to keep busy before we have to retreat indoors for December.







Jobs For October

I know I say this every month but where does the time go, this year seems to have flown by,

the trees are starting to turn and the colors are amazing, what a beautiful time of year.

October is the month when I like to get the garden sorted for the Winter, the falling leaves

are a good thing to leave for lots of creatures find habitat in them, so try not to be too tidy.

Hedgehogs are trying to fatten for their habituation period, so this is a good time to keep

leaving food out and also to site a habitat for them.

Green Wooden Habitat                                              Igloo Hogitat

Hogitat                                                                       Spikes Dry Hedgehog Food

Best place to site your hedgehog home is in a nice quiet corner, or if you have already been

feeding one site yours close by that way they will not be long as they find it. So keep helping

the wildlife and you will see the benefits around your garden.





Jobs For September

Gosh cannot believe we are at this time of year already, children enjoying the last few days before

the big return back to school, this for some may be a relief from them saying “I am bored what can I do.”

Little do they realize this is the best time of their lives, I remember my mum saying the exact words to me.

So we can start to have a look what jobs need doing around the garden now the birds are starting to feed

again, chilly mornings are starting to arrive so they once again return to the feeders.

Make sure your feeders have a good clean ready for the Autumn, after the warm sticky weather I am sure

they will be ready, this hygiene brush set makes easy work for getting down the tubes with the extending


Have a think about siting a bird box, never too early for the birds to investigate and also good for them

to have somewhere to roost in the Winter months keeping them nice and snug.

Lots of different shapes and sizes to attract different birds.

This should keep us all busy in September also keeping the garden tidy can fill many days at this time of year.

Keep busy.




Jobs For August

If I see one more post about how long it is until Christmas I shall scream, let’s enjoy

summer, I don’t look forward to the cold dark nights, I want a few more BBQ’s to enjoy

the garden and watch the wildlife enjoy all the natural food that is out there for them.

The grass and shrubs are growing faster than ever trying to keep them under control but still

leaving plenty of cover for the birds.

The bees I had in my bird box seemed to have dispersed, just going to wait a little longer

before I give it a good clean, maybe I will get the blue tits return next year.

I have a nice little corner left just in case an hedgehog decides to appear, plenty of

dried vegetation to hibernate in.

My task this month is to build an insect hotel, a wooden crate from a delivery appeared and

this will be ideal with a little modification.

They are quite easy to make and a lot of the material can be found in and around the garden

and countryside, or there are lots available out there to buy.

Multi Room Insect Hotel and Large Insect Residence are two that are very popular in the shop.

This should keep us busy in August and children just love helping to create things for the garden.


Jobs For July

This month I have decided to site a few new nest boxes obviously not for this season,

but I have come to think that the sooner a box is sited the better for next season, plenty

of time for the birds to investigate and get used to new habitats. My usual blue tit box was

inhabited by bees this year which I have left and they have been harmless just going about

their business, I have been informed they will just disperse about August time, I will then

clean the box out and see what appears next year.

As ever cleaning the feeders is a ongoing job and the cleaner you keep them the better.

Other than the usual garden maintenance I am going to enjoy watching the wildlife relaxing

in the garden maybe having the odd BBQ, surely this is except-able after putting all the work

in earlier on . Enjoy Summer.

Jobs For June

Gosh cannot believe we are already in June, where does the time go?

We have had very dry weather and the lack of rainfall for many farmers and gardeners is quite

worrying, lets hope we don’t get it all when we need to be harvesting the crops.

Lots of young fledglings are appearing around the garden at the moment, lovely to see them.

With the weather being so dry water is vital to help them survive, having a bird bath in the

garden keeps them watered and allows them to keep fresh and healthy. We have a good choice

on our web site form the Hanging Water Dish to the Echoes Bird Bath With Feet or this also

comes as Echoes Bird Bath & Pedestal and then there is the cute Water Dish With Birds

and the colorful Blue Bird Dipper Bird Bath, you don’t need a lot of space to accommodate

one of these in your garden and it is lovely to watch the birds having a good splash around

to keep fresh in the warm weather.

Or if your really clever and have the time you can always be inventive and make your own bird bath.

This one is made by turning flower pots upside down and then painting in what ever suits your garden.

Any of these make a stunning feature and can enhance your garden as well as keeping your

wildlife happy.

This is a good project for June without to much effort, what could be better.


Jobs For May

May for me is the perfect time to introduce wildlife habitats into the garden, this gives plenty of

time for them to get weathered and blend in with the surrounding areas.

Keeping a bug hotel near your garden ensures your herbs, veggies and flowers will never be lacking in pollinators,

these hotels are vital for all manner of bugs to find shelter year round and important for winter.

Some bee,wasp, ladybird and moth species hibernate over the winter and these safe little homes is where

they can stay warm and dry until next Springtime.

From a simple disused bird house, which can easily converted to an open fronted bug hotel,

simply by gluing bamboo lengths, starting from the bottom and working to the top to make a cheap and

fun bug hotel, also in the process this may help keep children interested and entertained.

On a grander scale make compartments and fill each with different materials, wood bark, rolled tubes, drilled wooden blocks,

bundles of sticks, or bunches of straw, thus creating space for lots of different species.

Hedgehogs are appearing in the gardens searching and foraging for food, again now is the perfect month to site

a habitat for them in a secluded quiet corner, this will be much appreciated in the winter months especially

with their species declining, they need all the help we can give them. If you do have visitors providing food and water

will keep them familiar and they will visit every night for their supper.

Spikes Hedgehog Food is a dry mix and will help provide a complete diet, mealworms are another favorite feast.

There are many different habitats out there, here is our igloo hogitat and hedgehog hogitat or you could even make your own.

This one is made from old wine cases, place your nightly food by the entrance and they will soon enjoy their new home,

if your hedgehog decides to nest and they have young hoglets then leave them in peace, as if disturbed the mother

may abandon her young or even kill them, just by providing food and water will help maintain this species.


Jobs For April

Busy time of year in the garden, keeping the grass mowed, weed free and moss free for that perfect lawn,

but try not to be too perfect for the moss is a great bird nesting material for our garden friends,

and if you have a pet, give them a good groom in the garden for the birds love lining their nests with the

hair from your pets, waste not want not is only to true.

Ponds in gardens are fantastic for wildlife but can be hard work trying to keep the balance right,

but I think a good alternative is a bog container, planted with the right plants this can be just

as good for wildlife, encouraging dragonflies,frogs and toads with a lot less room required.

You can also provide a small container with water in it and this benefits all your garden visitors,

don’t forget to place stones and pebbles in it so that it is easy for creatures to get out if they so require.

There are lots of containers to buy or you may have one already that just needs a new lease of life.


Jobs For March

I can’t believe that March is here already, Springtime is a beautiful time of year, you can see lots of color starting

to appear in the garden, all the new buds are just starting to show and if you have a vegetable patch this is the time to start

thinking about planting.

Yesterday in the garden I spotted my first bumble bee obviously searching for some vital food, so we should all

think about planting pollinating plants to keep the balance in the garden, we need wildlife to control pests and

this in turn can avoid using sprays and pesticides. Hellebores  are a vital food source for bees out foraging early

in the year and without bees we would have nothing to pollinate our fruit trees and many other flowers we

take for granted they are a vital part in our gardens.

So enjoy the Spring sun and try and get out in the garden.


Jobs For February

Although it is still bleak out there, the mornings and nights are beginning to draw out a little bit,

so it won’t be too long before we start to think about Spring, and with Spring brings the nesting season

for our bird population. So this months job has to start with siting a new bird box or two, I love it

when you spot a bird nesting near by and you can watch the busy parents fetching huge amounts

of food back for their young.

So this month in the shop and on the web site we are offering 10% discount on all the nest boxes.

From basic to elaborate any bird box makes a great feature in any garden, so take a look around and

see where one might fit into your garden.


Jobs For January

Hope you all have had a good Xmas and wishing you all a happy new year.

January is the month to site bird nest boxes, lots to choose from the basic to elaborate.

I don’t think it matters which you choose but more the better to help our declining garden birds,

quite worrying when you look at the figures just how much they are in decline. This is why it is vital

we all try and do our bit, providing that little extra food and water during the winter months may

help young birds survive their first winter, and it is so important to keep your feeders clean and water

fresh to prevent disease.


Swift Nest Boxunnamed

For those who like to keep an eye on their nest boxes they are available with a camera.

But for every species of bird there is now a nest box out there waiting for your garden.

Start taking a look around your garden to see where one might fit for your favorite garden bird.

Jobs for December

December is approaching and although this is a busy time of year, with Christmas shopping

and lots of home baking we must try and keep the garden and the wildlife tidy and well fed.

This time of year is when our wildlife probably most appreciates what we do for them, not only can we

supply extra food, but by converting our nest boxes we can provide shelter and warmth. Between August and January it is legal

to empty the nest boxes, once emptied give them a good brush out getting well into the corners, then wash

them with hot water to kill any parasites, dry them out and add roosting material, on these cold winter nights the

birds will use them to get a warm peaceful nights shelter. On our web site you will find natural nesting material,

and also is our Fiesta Nester which will provide the ideal bed.


This festive month I have been inspired to make my own wreath, by buying the wreath base I can

then add as many natural items I can find in and around the garden, starting with my garden Christmas tree,

which is always ready for a bit of pruning at this time of year, this will form my green background, then I am

going to add crab apples, fir cones, holly berries and teazel heads, all these items are either around the garden

or might be found down country lanes, only pick what you need.

download-47 images-25 images-26 images-27pinecone-bird-feeder

You can see from these pictures there are no rules just get creative and the sense of achievement is amazing.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the New Year.















November creeps in with misty damp mornings and dark nights.

Still plenty to do around the garden to prepare for Winter.

Ponds need attention at this time of year, creating a pond is one of the best things you can do for garden wildlife

but like everything else it needs careful management. This isn’t only to maintain the good looks of your pond, but to ensure it continues working as a habitat,

if left alone it will fill up with sludge and disappear.

Autumn is the best time to care for your pond as amphibians will have left and insects will be hibernating.

Remove rotting leaves with a net, rake out excess vegetation, cut off and remove leaves and flowers that will fall into the pond

and decompose, polluting the water. Remove blanket weed and leave at the side of the pond for a few days while creatures escape.


This type of pond is ideal for wildlife with it’s sloping sides made from stones , this allows

creatures to enter and exit easily.

Then it’s time to pay attention to our garden birds, first job is to clean out all the nest boxes,

this will make them ready for the next breeding season.


This is the time of year when birds need that little extra help with food becoming

less abundant, high energy mixes and suet pellets are a good feed to keep them going through

the winter months.

download-15download-14ground feed web pic

These are all available on our web site.

Don’t forget to leave plenty of water out for them, especially when the frosts start.

If your having a bonfire don’t forget to check for hedgehogs before you light them.

Keep busy and active in November just as our wildlife does and soon warmer weather will be on it,s way.





































October as arrived, this year seems to be flying.

Time to prepare our gardens for winter.

Give your bird feeders a good clean, after all the warmth and the rain they do get sticky, so a good clean in warm soapy water will get them ready for winter.

When the leaves start to fall don’t be to tidy in your garden think about the hedgehogs, they will start to hibernate this month and are looking for a quiet corner

to settle down for the winter months, we have lots of different hedgehog homes available and leaves make a perfect bed for our spikey friends.


Keep your feeders stocked up and don’t forget to leave plenty of water out especially when the frosts start.

Suet pellets are a good source of energy for the birds, which they need to keep them warm.


These are all available on our web site.

Gosh, October is just about here, where did September go ??

Here are some job ideas for October

Make sure all your feeders are well cleaned out and disinfected regularly to keep them disease free. There are lots of brushes and disinfectants available to help with these jobs, you can’t beat some good old hot soapy water and rinse well


Get stocked up on Sunflower Hearts and High Energy Mixes so you are feeding highly nutritious foods. Another good food source for colder weather is suet products, try and keep some available for your garden birds too.

Sunflower_Hearts_Kernels High_Energy_Mix Fat_Balls_Small Insect_Suet_Pell_(1KG+5KG)

Keep water dishes and bird baths washed out and topped up

 images-5 Coniston_Bird_Bath water dish with birds

If you are starting to prepare “bonfires” in readiness for Guy Fawkes night, keep an eye out for hedgehogs who might be tempted to sneak underneath looking for shelter and food ??


Why not try and make a hedgehog nest box ……………. There are some great ideas if you have a little time to spare. We love the idea of using an old wooden box something like an old wine crate ?

You will need to make a little “tunnel” to put up to what will be the entrance, one you have made this tunnel, cut a little hole out for the tunnel to fix to. Try and cover the box with some plastic of felt to try and make waterproof. You can then fill with leaves, hay or newspaper shreds and hopefully a little member of the Prickles Family will be delighted to move in

Let us know how you get on. Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you.

shelter shelter-2

Try and keep dried mealworms and Spike dried food and a shallow bowl of water available for the hedgehogs that are a roaming in the night, now is the crucial time to help them reach their weight to get them through the winter.

Dried_Mealworms_1kg hedgehog bowlspikes dinner

We have lots of supplies here at Hall Farm to help you out with these jobs, pay us a visit if it is only for a little advice to help you out

Happy October Everyone




September is here, time seems to be flying by. Lots of jobs to do this month.

Go nest-box crazy. You can never have too many, as natural holes and cavities are always in short supply. try and get a range of nest boxes to appeal to different species, and  I am sure your effort will be rewarded. Fill an empty hanging basket with nesting material this provides easy access for birds and animals.

Try to leave a patch of long grass, maybe near a compost heap, this will encourage bees and insects to nest safely.

Have you ever thought about putting a pond in your garden, this is the most effective way of improving your garden as a wildlife resource, attracting a greater range of species, no need to be large, a puddle size will still attract wildlife.

Bird feeders need regular cleaning, I did mine at the weekend and was surprised how sticky these get, dirty feeders transmit diseases  and these can wipe out your garden visitors, we are coming up to the busiest time for your feeders so keep them well stocked.P1010899Hygiene Brush Kitlifetime nigerseed


I am sure this gives you a few ideas to keep you busy in September.












August is here already, scary how fast this year is flying, but there are still lots of jobs we need to do.

Feeding hedgehogs is vital as they are now classed as endangered, here at Hall Farm the hedgehogs are loving Mealworms, we are also advised that “Spikes Dry Food” is good, but please do not feed cat food as apparently this is bad for their teeth, and leave a constant supply of water but no milk or bread. Why not provide a permanent home for them such as a hogitat or igloo.

Hogitat1-300x300Hogitathedgehog home This one is home made out of wine crates.

Site these in a quiet corner in the garden and then i am sure your spikey visitors will appreciate this.

This month is a good time to disinfect your bird feeders, in the warmer weather mite can breed and by cleaning you will prevent this.brush kit

Siting a new nest box will encourage birds to investigate and this will encourage them next year to nest.


Flowers in the garden will be dying but please leave seed heads on as these provide a good source of food for the birds and as ever leave a constant supply of water .

I am sure all these jobs will keep you busy, enjoy the rest of summer.







Have you thought about planting any “pollinator” plants in your garden?

Why not try a “lavender”, there are lots of varieties to choose from, and is the most popular pollinator for bees. You could also “get crafty” by picking some of the flowers and drying them for some beautifully scented mini heart shaped pillows for hanging around your bedroom.Lavender is used in many aromatherapy oils

images (1)heart shaped lavender

Have you any areas in your garden you can turn into a little hedgehog corner by creating them a little home. There are many types of hogitat houses and

wooden homes available to buy, but creating your own are just as much fun, there

 are lots of ideas, like this one made from an old wine crate.

hedgehog homeDried Mealworms

Don’t forget to fill it full of leaves and hay to make it “snuggly” for them and try to leave out water

and dry hedgehog food such as Spikes Dry Food and dried mealworms.

spikes dinnerHogitat1-300x300

Why not plant some sunflower seeds, quick and easy to grow and super source of food for garden birds in the autume.sunflowers