Feeding Continues

Although the birds are not queuing up to get on the feeders we are still getting a regular flurry

of visitors, with so many now providing for their young and the seasonal insects are plentiful

now gives us a breather to give the feeders a good clean, the warmer weather makes them get

sticky with all the protein and fats from the seeds. This is when I appreciate an easy feeder to

take apart and in my opinion the best one for this on the market is the Ring Pull range, simply

comes apart and all the perches come away and can all be placed in a good bucket of hot soapy

water for a good scrub and these feeders come clean like new and reassemble ready for the next


These all come with a lifetime guarantee and are available for seed, nigerseed and peanuts.

A wise investment if you are a regular wild bird feeder helping our lovely range of garden birds

survive and flourish.







Beautiful Season

I absolutely love this time of year, with everything so green and lush and all the wildlife busy

rearing their young what could be any better. Sat in the garden on Sunday watching the Blackbird

feeding their newly fledged young on the lawn digging for fresh worms, and the Blue-tits busy flying

to and from their nest box providing for their newly hatched chicks. Lots of birds still visiting the feeders

for a convenient meal.

At the beginning of the year I did site three new nest boxes and one of these has been taken by the Blackbird

so it was well worth while with so many gardens nowadays getting smaller, trees and shrubs are not always

suitable for the size but a bird box you can almost site anywhere no matter what size your garden is.

So take a look around yours and see where a new bird box may fit in for next breeding season.








Time For The Wildlife

In April solitary bees start to emerge from their nests after winter and have grown into

adult bees, less known than bumblebees and honeybees but do an amazing job pollinating

our garden flowers and crops. After mating the female start to look to lay her eggs and a

favorite place is drilled wooden blocks or bee nesting tubes, by providing a bee hotel you

can observe these fascinating harmless bees who are non aggressive and safe around children

and pets.

Multi Room Insect Hotel

Please help all our wildlife and the rewards make you appreciate our beautiful creatures.






At Last

Yes it’s taken a while but at last we have a little warmer weather at the moment, I am

sure like ourselves the wildlife are long over due for a little sunshine. This time winter

seems to have dragged out and the very wet spring is probably the worse one in a long time.

This wet weather has hampered our new build but we are still just about on track and looking

forward to the opening on May 5th the ribbon will be cut.

In my garden shed the Blackbird now as chicks and both parents are busy feeding their young

which with all wildlife is an endless job, at least the weather is good at the moment, the feeders

are still got a large amount of visitors getting that little extra help at this busy time.

Hoping to post lots of pictures of the opening, hoping all goes well.











Nesting Begins

Regardless of the weather conditions the birds are busy gathering nesting materials and

some are sitting their eggs, walked into my garden shed at the weekend and sat there is

a Blackbird on her nest not wanting to be disturbed, she could have chosen a better place

her nest is built resting on the top of all the tools, no good for me wanting to get on with

the garden chores, I haven’t got the heart to keep disturbing her frightened she may abandon

her eggs, I shall have to keep my visits to a minimum.

There is so much activity in the garden I am expecting quite a few nests this year so there

will be lots to watch.

With feeding requirements slightly changing due to the nesting season some of our customers

like to change to Chopped Peanuts and High Energy mix due to the extra hard work fetching

food for their chicks requires lots more effort and numerous flights to provide for their young.

Keep feeding your garden birds now they need all the help we can give them to help rear

their young chicks.









Beautiful Sunshine

The weekend brought some signs of Spring with a glorious Sunday, almost felt like it

was the beginning of some warm weather, lots of lawn mowers made their first appearance

for this year, the bulbs are flowering to add a splash of color to the gardens and the birds are

so busy gathering for their nests.

Feeding on the feeders are still very busy not really surprising with the cold spells that keep

approaching, again this weekend the forecast is still on the chilly side.

The Big Easy range are a popular feeder and with a lifetime guarantee this makes it a good buy

if you are wanting a quality long lasting feeder. Well worth investing that little bit extra.

Do remember to keep feeders well cleaned to help the spread of disease, the more times the better.

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend and let’s hope for some nice weather.





Spring Is Around The Corner

Yes the weather may still be cold but Spring is just a few days away, the birds are starting to

gather twigs and foliage for their nest building, it seems to make no difference what the

weather brings nature still carries on regardless, and why not we should all take note.

Feeding is still high on the feeders at Hall Farm and on the camera nest box our little

Yellow Hammer is still showing interest in the nest box.

A few pictures taken in Derbyshire on Sunday, just shows how bleak the weather can turn, many roads

were closed due to the snow drifts.

The Blue tits love the peanut butter jar, gives them a boost of energy, and the Cutlery feeder allows

you to feed different options for different birds that love a bit of fruit.

Keep feeding your garden birds and lets hope we have a bit warmer weather in the Spring.






Still Busy

Yes we are still very busy here at Hall farm with the birds still feeding well and the demand

for seed is still high, particularly with Mealworms as soon as a delivery arrive they are allocated

out  before you know it they are all gone. The weather is extremely wet and more cold weather

is forecast for the weekend, so keep your feeders stocked well for the birds, Spring is just around

the corner, even though it is bitterly cold shrubs in the garden are starting to bud, just waiting

for a warm spell to burst into leaf.

Actually managed a walk along the canal at the weekend and when the sun did manage to appear

it was quite pleasant, enjoyed this walk immensely after spending too much time indoors

the fresh air felt wonderful.

This is a favorite place to stop and get the flask out for a pit-stop.

Lets hope we soon get a little better weather to enjoy more walks in the fresh air.





Busy Week

After the cold weather the shop has been non stop with customers stocking up on their bird

seed, it is great that people do try and help our wild birds by supplying them with seed and

other feeds that boosts their energy in the cold weather, they do need all the help we can


We cannot wait for the new shop to open, then we will be able to stock lots more variety

for all our wonderful wildlife, with more habitats soon available for insects,bugs, frogs and

toads to mention but a few.

Mealworms and suet pellets have proved to be a popular boost to our garden birds.

So do keep your feeders stocked up for our little birds to enjoy.




Beastly East

Yes I am sure we have all heard the weather warnings with predictions that this week

could be the coldest one for this winter, it still amazes me how resilient our wildlife

are to survive these cold spells, a little help from us must go a long way, just by providing

a little seed this should help.

Sunflower Kernels     Peanuts

These are still a firm favorite with many of our customers and provide lots of protein

and energy for the wild birds.

Berry Suet Pellets                               Insect Suet Pellets                         Peanut Butter and Holder

Suet based products are also excellent feed during the winter months and are an essential part of their

diet when insects are not widely available.

Keep feeding the birds and hopefully Spring is just around the corner for a little warmer weather.








Bird Nest Boxes

With the days becoming lighter the birds start to get a little more active, searching for

the perfect place to start their mating for their families and acquire a new nest box, so

now is the perfect time to site new nest boxes and I do believe every garden should

encourage wildlife into their gardens, the pleasure you get from watching them is

very satisfying, mine are sited so that when I am in the kitchen I get a good view to

see what is happening. We are quite rural so we get a good variety visiting the feeders,

but it is not a massive garden but I have managed to site six bird boxes and last year we

had three of them inhabited with Blue tits, Robin and Long Tailed tit.

Starter Nest Box                        Silver birch open box                       Nest Pouch

Robin/Blackbird/Thrush                             Camera Nest Box

Open Box

So take a look around your garden and see where there may be space to site a new nest box

to help our wild birds multiply, very few actually make it to their first year the percentage is

very small. At Hall farm last year we ringed three Barn Owls but unfortunately we were informed

that one already did not make it through it’s first year, very sad but this is why we must all try and

do our bit to help.











Coldest Week

Yes that’s right they have forecast the coldest week so far for this winter, so hope your all

keeping wrapped up and warm and sparing a thought for our wildlife that have to try to

survive these cold days and nights, I have been providing extra food and suet products

for the garden birds, I can only feel sorry for them some are so tiny and look quite fragile

when they are searching for their food.

Peanut Butter and holder                                    Suet Pellets

Suet Pellets                                             Dried Mealworms

Suet Pellets provide lots of energy and warmth and mealworms may be a little more

expensive but they are a good source of protein and they are a favorite for the Robin.

So keep nice and snug yourself and hopefully you can also help our garden visitors.






Big Bird Weekend

Hope you all took part in the Big Garden Bird Watch weekend, had quite a varied mix

of birds visiting the feeders in my garden which were lovely to see, Goldfinch, Green-finch,

Chaffinch, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Blackbirds, Robins to name but a few all having a good feed

on the Sunflower Kernels, Fat Balls, Suet Pellets and Suet Cake Tubs and also I have a couple

of  Suet Filled Coconuts on the front garden which the Blue Tits seem to take charge of those.

I feel that over the past year I have had an increase in the number visiting due to the varied

feeds I am now offering, even had the Lesser Woodpecker the other week but I have only

seen this once maybe they visit more but I suppose it is a case of being there at the right time.

My next job is to site another bird box or two, I actually sited four last year and these are proving

to be of interest, I have already seen Great Tits and Blue tits investigating which is encouraging that

I have got them in the right place.

Why not take a look around your garden and think about siting a new nest box you may just

get a visitor or two.





Still Feeding Well

With the weather not improving the birds are still feeding crazy trying to sustain as much

of their weight as possible to survive. I have found that the Blue tits are loving the suet filled

coconuts at the moment and are soon on them when replaced with fresh ones, lovely little garden

bird with a character to match.

We have had one or two customers in this week having spotted Egrets which are a member

of the Heron family but are pure white and they can be seen at this time of year, most seen

during the winter months.

Observer Window Feeder are proving popular it’s lovely to sit inside and watch birds

come close for you to observe when it is so cold outside, and they are hungry to be

confident enough to do this.

It’s at this time of year when observing birds from indoors is the best way you can keep

warm and enjoy a cuppa at the same time.






Winter’s Night

Have you ever thought about where does all the wildlife go at night to keep not only warm

but safe from predators, small birds can lose up to 20% of their body weight in just one cold

night. To cope, they feed-up as much as they can in the day light hours. If you ever watch the

birds in your garden each afternoon the feeding frenzy takes place during these crucial hours

before nightfall, then all turns quiet.

So where do all the birds go and how do they survive in these cold winter months. Often they

choose sites they have already tried and tested during the summer months, it’s not just a case

of keeping warm, safety is a priority too. Any small bird that is visible is in danger of being

plucked from its perch by a hungry Tawny owl.

Disguised nest boxes are one of the best places to take refuge.

Roosting Nest Pocket                       Peanut Butter with Holder                              Open Silver Birch Nest Box

Open Fronted Robin/Wren/Blackbird/Thrush

Shrubs and ivy also provide shelter for many and the beloved leylandi is loved by blackbird and

thrushes for a safe night.

So we can help our wildlife by not only providing food but safe habitats are a crucial part of

looking after our beautiful creatures.






Feeding To Survive

Yes that’s right it is cold out there and our wildlife need that little extra help to survive,

not only now but all year round, garden birds need to eat nearly a third of their body weight

every day just to stay alive in the winter months. On cold days  like those we have been experiencing

lately, they tend to be active as they search for food, those generous bird lovers help sustain the

wildlife numbers by providing a regular food source.

Sunflower hearts/kernels provide an high oil content for extra energy as do Peanuts also

providing protein for the winter months.

Any out of date fruit is ideal for Blackbirds, Fieldfares and Thrushes, so don’t waste

think about our garden birds, oh and never forget that all important water supply.

So think about treating your garden visitors to a few treats over this cold period.





Happy New Year

Hoping you have all had a good Christmas and wishing you all a good new year,

with many back to work and getting into the normal routine, time to look forward

to new adventures for the new year, we are getting excited about our new shop/office

build which is starting to take shape slowly and providing the weather is favorable to

us we are hoping to move about April time, fingers crossed.

Big Garden Bird Watch occurs at the end of January, this is the biggest wildlife survey

in the world with about half a million taking part. We all have different birds visiting our

gardens with a lot depending on where we live, but we can all play our part in caring for the

wildlife. Providing the right food helps, this is one reason why there has been a large increase in

Goldfinches due to Niger seed, and also providing shelter and cover will increase your volume of

visitors. Sunflower kernels are still a firm favorite for feeding a no mess seed and these will keep

many birds fulfilled for the winter months. Fallen fruit or out of date fruit from your kitchen will

provide a blackbird or thrush a treat, in fact watching these pecking away on a crab apple shrub over

Christmas, there was a constant stream of twenty or more, obviously enjoying the natural hedgerow

harvest. Lets all take pleasure in helping our wildlife before numbers disappear any more.







Run Down

Finally getting there, after an hectic December we are in the final week before Christmas.

Time to purchase those last minute gifts and stock up on your bird seed to get you over the

holiday period, things have been extremely busy here at Hall Farm, lorries queuing to get in

and out the yard, and with the new build ongoing this has made it more congested and patience

is required all round for the smooth running of the premises, we are getting there.

Started wrapping my gifts last night and I am pleased with what I have brought, I am sure every

one should be pleased.

The mugs have been popular as always and they do make a useful gift that can be used all year

and hopefully for many years.

Mechanic Mug                                                                 Baker Mug

Her Ladyship & His Lordship                                           Bouquet of Pheasants

Circus of Puffins                                                              Animal Bridge

Take a look at our web site and don’t forget Thursday will be our last posting day,

just like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year, and a big thank you for your

custom over the last year.







Last Moments To Complete Shopping

We are now in the count down until Christmas and the last minute shopping needs to be done,

then we can concentrate on the food and drink. Make life easy and buy on line especially with

the weather being icy and bitterly cold. Although we maybe feeling the cold I do feel sorry for the

little garden birds who have to try and survive these cold nights, I am sure they will be making full

use of the nest boxes around your gardens at this time of year to keep warm or roosting in shrubs

and trees nestling close to one another for that extra heat.

We are having more visitors to the feeders and the woodpecker appeared who I have not seen before

in my garden which was lovely to see, I do wonder how many different species do actually visit the

garden and I never do get to see them, Jays last week and now the Woodpecker, the cold weather

certainly brings them in.

Keep your feeders well stocked and don’t forget that all important fresh water with the lowering

temperatures water is more important than anything for them to survive.

Big Easy Range                                                            Onyx Range                        Ring Pull Range

All these ranges of feeders come with a lifetime guarantee and are all weather proof all year round.

Invest in the best and they will last.

Please all keep warm and we shall chat next week.








Making Christmas Easy

With shopping trends changing and the on line trend ever increasing why not take advantage

and make your Christmas shopping easy, with lots of new idea’s for feeding the wildlife these

make gifts interesting and appealing.

The Cutlery Feeder is quirky and will get the kids keen to think about wildlife and they will love

putting out apples and other fruits that may be a little past their sell by date, why waste when

the Blackbirds and Thrushes love a little fruit.

The new Triangle Bug House and this Butterfly Box again will help wildlife but also make the

children aware of nature and why we need all types of wildlife in the garden.

These Silver Birch Tit Box and Silver Birch Robin Box are two of my favorites nest boxes at the

moment, I think they are a natural looking material to fit in the garden for the birds to take full

advantage in the coming months.

Mugs are always a good gift and are appreciated and used all year round, at least they

won’t end up in the bottom of a cupboard, ours are all china and are dishwasher and

microwave safe, with so many to choose from you will find it hard to pick your favorite.

Animal Bridge                                                           Bouquet of Pheasants

Circus of Puffins                                              Mechanic Mug

His Lordship & Ladyship Set

Beautifully Gift Boxed to make a delightful gift.

So join the trend and make Christmas shopping easy.






Just Around The Corner

With the shortening of the days and frosty mornings now in full swing, birds are getting into

their winter feeding routines, visiting gardens to stock up on essential fats and calories and

creating the feeding frenzy that we are used to seeing at this time of year.

With Christmas just around the corner, and the demand for high calorie, energy rich food

on the increase, our suet pellets and high energy mix offers something for everyone.

Suet Pellets

High Energy Mix

Our suet cake tubs are a best seller at this time of year and also make excellent christmas

gifts for those who like to provide a festive feast for their wildlife visitors.

Taking care of the wildlife is vital for their survival especially at this time of year so keep

plenty of food available for them and also don’t forget to leave fresh water out for them.






Nature At It’s Best

What can be better than hearing the “twit twoo” call from a beautiful owl not always visable

but you know they can’t be far away and if your lucky to spot one it is such a beautiful sight.

The Tawny owl often over looked compared to the barn owl, but both are a pleasure to view.

We are so lucky to be able to take a walk around the parks and countryside to appreciate

all the wonderful animals that can be seen, and what makes it more enjoyable is when children

can also start to appreciate the wildlife and recognize the different birds that visit the garden

and come running to tell you what they have spotted, they are natures future and hopefully will

be able to nurture it so that we can help stop the decline in certain species that are in danger.





Winter on the Way

Certainly showing signs of winter, waking up to a white crisp frost, which I don’t mind

especially if we get a lovely bright sunny day, makes you feel like getting out doors and

enjoying a brisk walk. Lots of our customers now coming in and buying for Christmas gifts,

we have a wide choice for anyone who loves the countryside and wildlife, a gentlemen came

in the other day and informed me that America don’t have hedgehogs, can’t imagine that as

we take them for granted just part and parcel of the towns and country, just try to imagine

not having that familiar sight, doesn’t bare thinking about.

I am progressing with the Christmas shopping slowly, keep telling myself I have loads of time,

but the truth is time flies and it will soon be here, having a large family to buy for I best get a move on.

Loving our mugs that arrived, they make a useful gift that will be used time and time again.

Mechanic Mug                                                                    Baker Mug

Pheasant Mug                                                                   Puffin Mug

His Lordship & Ladyship                                                 Animal Bridge

All these are china and dishwasher safe. Perfect for that cuppa, an ideal gift.









The Spirit Of Christmas

Trying very hard to get into the spirit of Christmas, walking around the local town and

the shops are full of idea’s, looking around the usual gifts that end up in the back of a

cupboard, seems such a waste, I would rather give and receive something that is useful.

I love wildlife and more and more as the years creep up on me I appreciate what we have

around the garden and countryside, lots of our customers are saying the same thing, so for

our Christmas stock we have tried to keep our gifts useful and mainly country themed, and

so far from the comments we are really pleased with the feed back.

Spikes Hedgehog Food      Igloo Hogitat                                                         Hogitat

Green Wooden Hedgehog Home                     Hedgehog Feed Bowl                       Green Hedgehog Feed Bowl

What can be more rewarding than helping the familiar sight of the hedgehog, providing a safe home for

the winter months ahead. These make fantastic gifts that will be there for many years.

For the bird lovers why not create a hamper for birds that will come in useful in the garden.

Open Fronted Robin Box            Silver Birch Robin Box

Get Set Go Peanut Feeder                   Get Set Go Seed Feeder

Peanuts                                                                   No Wheat With Aniseed

If you need any help or advise please just give us a call.

Enjoy shopping!








New Arrivals

Lots of birds migrate to this country for the winter, Fieldfares arrive from Scandinavia, the

signal the onset of winter approaches. These colourful members of the thrush family migrate

here in large flocks when the weather in northern Europe turns. Fieldfares eat worms and

hawthorn berries, but in very cold frosts they will venture into gardens where they are partial

to fruit, so raisins and fallen apples will provide them a meal.

The Fieldfare is slightly larger than your garden Thrush.

Waxwings are another migrant that also flock here for the winter berries.

Short eared owls are another wonderful sight if you are lucky enough to spot one.

Robert Fuller is a keen follower of these and his paintings are extraordinary to their

likeness, what a pleasure it must be to spend time observing wildlife.

So while you are out walking or driving keep an eye out for all these wonderful migrants

arriving this winter.




Last Month For Gardening

October nearly at an end, time to get the last cuts on the grass and tidy the garden ready for

the winter months ahead. Leaving the fallen leaves for insects to munch through and also to

hibernate keeping them safe from predators.

The birds seem to be increasing on the feeders this last week, providing an high energy seed,

such as fat balls and our High Energy Seed Mix will provide all they need to survive.

Water is also an essential part of helping them, especially as the weather turns colder. Although

January is national bird box week, now is a good time to site a new box for birds to explore nesting

opportunities for Spring. Different species prefer specific types of boxes and sites – some nest low in

shrubs , others want a clear flight path so need a box in a tree or under the eaves. The entrance hole

should be sheltered from direct sun and rain, so a northeasterly aspect is usually the best.

These are just a few available on our web site, chose from the pretty to the camouflaged that will fit best

in your garden. Last year at Hall Farm our Blue tits decided to nest in our Sparrow Terrace obviously

they must have enjoyed the multi room aspect, all fled and hopefully had a good start for the future.

Please keep your feeders filled and the variation of birds visiting your garden will increase over time.





Christmas Around The Corner

Yes it will soon be here and I find it always best to start nice and early to take the stress out of

a wonderful time of year. I always like to give what I think are useful gifts, one that will give

enjoyment for many years. More and more people are appreciating our wildlife and the more

we can help is the right way to go. Bees are an important part of our circle of nature and this

Ceramic Bird/Bee Nester serves two purposes which is a brilliant asset to your garden, especially

after my nest box served a good home to a small nest of bumble bees this year.

Keeping on the insect theme our Large Insect Residence provides a good solid home for many

different insects, strong and sturdy this will last many years, again we have one in the wildlife

corner here at Hall Farm and this withstands all the bad weather you can expect from our winter

months ahead.

Lets not forget the hedgehogs which again need our help through the winter months we have

several habitats which provide a warm cosy retreat, the Igloo Habitat is easily sited either in a

quiet corner or under an hedgerow and the Green Wooden Hedgehog home is one that should last

for many years made from treated wood with a felt roof for extra protection.

What useful gifts these will make, providing homes is just as satisfying as providing food for

our ever declining wildlife.







Gifts For Christmas

Here at Hall Farm we are trying to get in the Christmas spirit, with lots of Christmas

events to attend we are busy gathering all our products that will appeal to our customers.

Organizing these seems to get earlier each year with suppliers already on back order on

the popular items. But we thought we would show just a few ideas for everyone’s budget.

Gifts under £10.00

Bridge Mug, this is one of our latest to the collection and with several animals on we are sure this

will appeal to lots of animal lovers.

Bouquet of Pheasants and Circus of Puffins are two of my favorite who can resist a stunning pheasant

or the fun puffin each comes in a beautiful gift box.

And to keep things on trend we couldn’t resist stocking a Baker and Mechanic mug, so many television

programs are based around these two themes and are watched by millons, again each comes in a delighful

gift box.

Our Metal Ladybird is also proving popular with the children, apparently there is a character in a

popular children’s program, so all the children that visit the shop can’t resist a play with this fun


Gifts under £20.00

His Lordship and Ladyship gift set again comes in an ideal gift box for the couple who enjoy

the finer things in life, made from delicate fine bone china, what a beautiful gift.

For all those people who love the outdoors we have an excellent range of gifts, the Swing seat and

the Robin Tea Pot Nester are fun and quirky, the Black Bat Box and the Chavenage Bat Box help

the bats and the Silver Birch Robin Box to help the Robin around the garden, we all have a loyal

Robin to take care of.







Bird Mixes

Here at Hall Farm we like to provide high quality seed mixes to provide a nutritionaly

balanced blend to enhance health and vitality, we select natural seeds, fruit and dried

insects to closely match the diet of our wild garden birds, with no fillers found in budget

mixes to keep birds in tip top condition, especially now the cooler weather is approaching,

this is when wildlife needs that little extra help as natural sources of food become less abundant.

This is one reason why we have a wide selection of mixes so that you can specialize to accommodate

all your garden visitors.

Robin/Hedgehog Mix                                        Nigerseed                                   Dried Mealworms

Peanuts                                                               Sunflower Hearts/Kernels

If you have a look on the main web site you will be able to see our full range of mixes

and if you need any advise please give us a call or email. Now is the perfect time to start

to give a regular supply of seed to see the birds through the winter time.








Time To Plan Ahead

Well you can certainly feel a change in the weather, the trees are turning color daily,

each time I look out of the window in the morning there are more leaves on the ground

and the colors are turning into brilliant gold and copper shades simply stunning colors.

We have to think about the wildlife bird feeding plan and what is most beneficial for

them to survive the winter months. Fat balls are a particularly good source of calories in

winter when birds use huge amounts of energy just to stay warm at night.

We also have our High Energy Mix which is an ideal mix to feed during the winter months

as it contains seeds which are high in essential oils to provide extra energy to keep warm, it

will appeal to a large variety of birds either in feeders or on tables or on the ground, it contains

sunflower hearts, red millet, white millet, killbled maize and oilseed rape providing a good diet

for our garden visitors.

Suet pellets are always a good feed and lots of our customers add them to mixes again to add

that source of energy.  It is all about the birds keeping warm and don’t forget to leave plenty of

fresh water out especially when the frosts start to appear.

Hope this gives you some idea what you might like to feed in the coming months.







Autumn Setting In

Well I have seen an increase in the birds visiting my garden feeders in the last week or so,

not surprising with the chilly mornings and evenings, September proving to be  a wet chilly

month not quite the Indian summer we were perhaps hoping for, still there is still October

but the days are getting significantly shorter.

I gave my feeders a good clean as they get very sticky with the fat from the seeds and in

addition to cleaning I have added seed trays to save on the floor spillage and also they are

great for the birds to feed from.

So depending on the type of feeder you have there are different seed trays to suit.

From the Small Seed Tray, Large Seed Tray, Ring Pull Base Tray and Ring Pull Super Base Tray

we have seed trays to fit all our web site feeders and if you are not sure which one we are always

happy to help. These seed trays are easy to attach with either a base link or some just attach straight

onto the feeder. They will save seed and reduces spillage on the ground.

I am very pleased with mine and it is lovely to see the Robins and Blackbirds landing on them to feed,

which are normally ground feeding birds.






Time To Think About The Birds

With Summer almost coming to an end we have to start to think about Autumn and the cooler

days approaching, the wildlife must notice the change in temperature and providing a cosy

roosting place is a good way to help them. Siting nest boxes will encourage birds to visit your

garden and give them a safe place to weather the cooler mornings and nights. Our Starter Nest Box

is a good strong sturdy box and is easily accessible for cleaning and will be ideal for your most common birds.

  Starter Nest Box

Whereas the Supa multi-use nest box is versatile and can be adjusted for Robins and Blackbirds.

The Silver Birch Tit Box is a more natural looking box that will blend in with the garden

surroundings and also available as a Silver Birch Robin Box.

Our Robin Tea Pot Nester is also a very popular choice with our customers for the quirky look.


And if you like something a little different this Terracotta Nesting Pot makes a nice addition

to any garden and the blue tits will love this, and lets not forget the bees with this Ceramic Bird/Bee Nester

which will provide both with a lovely home.

There are so many to choose from and all will make any birds and bees happy.









Last Of The Summer

Great weather for the Bank Holiday Weekend lets hope it continues for a little longer, August as

been a funny month. Here at Hall Farm we are getting ready for local Southwell ploughing event

this will be the first time we have had a stand there and we have been busy sourcing a few new

products to take along to show people what we are about, this is providing wildlife products and

food to help and encourage people to be more  aware of whats around them and very often we

take for granted, and at the end of the day if we don’t help a little many species will not survive.

Lots of our common garden birds have greatly declined in numbers and it would be a shame to loose


Not only birds but hedgehogs, bees and reptiles are also not as common as they used to be.

So lets take a little extra care and appreciate what we have for all to enjoy.









With the ever declining number of hedgehogs now more than ever is vital that we take great care

of them, by providing homes such as the Igloo and Hogitat gives them a warm and safe place for

them to retreat during the winter months and the cooler days as Autumn draws nearer. Leave a

regular supply of food and water such as Spikes Hedgehog Dry Mix or Mealworms and always

clean fresh water and this will help them to gain sufficient weight to see them through hibernation.

Another favorite spot for their hibernation is a quiet corner in the garden with lots of leaves and

garden cuttings, they love untidy corners to get snuggled down in.

 Site your new hedge home under an hedgerow or garden shrub

and the hedgehogs will soon find them especially if you leave food near the entrance.

These hedge feeding bowls are also available on the web site and are both ceramic for easy

cleaning. So take a look around your garden and see where you maybe able to site a new home

for our little spikey friends who will help to keep the slugs and snails under control for you,

keeping the use of chemicals to a minimum.





We often are asked which feeders are the best, this can be quite controversial as there are many

on the market, so I thought I would start with the Big Easy Range which are a popular feeder

middle of the range price bracket and all come with a 100 year guarantee. They are weather proof

all year round and are made from a Rox-Resin plastic which is chew proof and they come in three

sizes and all hold a good amount of seed to save on repeated refills.

Our next range is the Ring Pull which again comes with a lifetime guarantee these also come in three

sizes and are available for seed and nigerseed, they are simple to clean with a quick release and the

feeder comes apart easy and quick and are simple to assemble, these are one of the best sellers in

the shop.

For a budget feeder the Bird Lovers Range is the best seller these are available for seed, nigerseed

and peanuts again come in three sizes and for the money they are a good feeder.



The choice is vast but these are just a few that are available and all would last and you can’t

go wrong with the guarantees that are on offer.




Holiday time is here for lots of people to enjoy our coastline, with stunning views and lots of

wildlife to spot. While you are out and about keep an eye out for dolphins and whales we have

28 species that visit our coastlines so keep your eyes open, sighting these is always a spectacular

buzz that you will always remember.

Our hedgerows are also home to lots of wildlife these are home to not only birds nesting in spring

but also are good for roosting in cooler times to shelter from the elements and safety from predators.

Ditches and banks provide homes for frogs, toads, newts and reptiles, well managed hedgerows make

a big difference between a hedge that is busting with life to one that is dead and dormant. The hedgerows

are also full of fruit which many birds will take full advantage and it is also lovely to see people still

gathering blackberries this takes me back to my childhood, picking the fruit and the best ones were

always just out of reach there still prickly things to pick. Sloes are also popular to add to gin makes

a good winter time tipple.



Enjoy the countryside and look out for all these great free fruits. The children love this and I think it is very much

coming back into fashion, making homemade liqueurs and chutneys.





British Weather
The British weather is being predictable at the moment with every day being spoiled by the heavy
showers we are experiencing, this is making harvest almost impossible and we are all on a waiting
game trying to do as much as we can with any land that is cleared.
The grass and shrubs in the garden seem to be growing at a speedy rate, the birds are loving the
coverage which gives them protection from predators. Although there is plenty of natural food out
there the feeders are still being visited frequently, trying to keep them clean with the rain is almost
a daily job, this Hygiene Brush Kit is coming in very useful with the extending brush to get inside
the tubes.
Feeders for under £10.00
Gloucester Seed Feeder                          Fiesta Feeder/Diner
Feeders for under£20
Bird Lovers Large Seed                                                          Big Easy Seed
Feeders over £20.00
Onyx Seed Feeder                                       Ring Pull Seed Feeder              Wood Look Ground Feeder
The choice for feeders is great for feeding different types of birds and if you need any help or
advice please do not hesitate to either email or call Lesley or Deb who will always try to help.
Harvest On Going
Harvest is going well despite the weather being hit and miss, always seems to be like this getting
a spell of good weather seems impossible and this makes the job frustrating and time wasted setting
up and then getting rained off, not to worry we have to persevere, it’s all part of farming, I think
the problem is that in today’s climate there is such a fast turn around to get the land ready for
planting the next crop.
Lots of wildlife to be seen at the moment with lots of young animals to be seen, what a glorious
time of year to have a walk and enjoy what’s all around us.
The birds have slowed down on the feeders but this is to be expected with lots of natural food available
I am sure they will soon be back.
Harvest In Full Swing
Like every farmer we were itching to get the combine out and although we have had some rain
we managed to get started on Friday, but typical weather Saturday was a no go and didn’t
really dry up until later on Sunday when we once again returned to get going again, and no matter
how much you prepare you always get the unexpected not necessary anything major but just
little niggles that stops the job running as smooth as we would like, this is all part of farming as
I am sure every farmer would agree, but persistence pays off and what ever happens you just have
to keep trying. Farming can be trying but the countryside is a beautiful place and the things we
see can be amazing, like the wildlife around the fields from Buzzards to Deer and the young foxes
running through the crops can make a wonderful sight.
Fingers crossed that the weather will keep settled this makes the job much easier and quicker,
and with the children breaking up from school I am sure many parents are also hoping for some
nice weather.
All Geared Up For Harvest
Well it’s almost seems unreal but harvest time is here again, busy at the store with the start
of intake for Oil Seed Rape Storage all systems in place and the routine starts to fall back into
place, I suppose it’s like riding a bike you just never forget.
The wildlife seems to be steadying on the feeders with nature providing food sources and the
birds taking full advantage after a busy breeding season, time to build themselves up ready for
the long winter, come Autumn I am sure they will be back on the feeders as busy as ever.
Time to give the feeders a good clean always good to keep them clean especially with the hot
humid weather we have at this time of year.
It always amazes me that nature is all around us and at times we are oblivious to this, just the
other day we were out for lunch and as we strolled through the gardens we noticed two female
deer grazing happily in a field only a few yards from us, the field was so close to a busy road
and even closer to a fast food outlet, yet everyone was going about their daily life and I am sure
no one would even notice the wildlife that is all around us, keep your eyes wide open and there is
so much to see, and not only in the countryside, I think urban towns must have nearly as much,
animals soon source an easy meal and with our life styles there is much to be had in our towns
and cities.
We are just hoping that the good weather we are having continues to try and make harvest run
 Owl Boxes
At Hall Farm we do all we can to encourage wildlife around the farm and over the years we
have introduced different nest boxes to encourage breeding to sustain as many habitats as
possible. We also sponsor North Notts Ringing Group who monitor and ring birds to make
sure that different species are doing well and for what ever reason they might not be doing well.
The other night we were invited to accompany them to inspect owl boxes located around the farm.
The first box we inspected had three young owlets in, much to our delight, they were weighed,
ringed and were inspected to determine their sex, in this particular box there were two females
and one male, they were then replaced in the box safely.
These owlets were almost getting ready to fledge, about a weeks time and they will be able to
start to explore their new environment.
The next box we inspected which was not too far away we discovered two adult owls, these we
were told would more than likely be the parents to the first box, again they were weighed, ringed
and sexed and also with the wing feathers their age was determined.
They were very calm much to our surprise, you would think that being a wild bird and never
being handled they would be quite viscous but they seemed quite happy to be handled.
These again were replaced back to the box safely.
This was all fascinating and a privilege to be able to be involved with the work that the
North Notts Ringing Group do, but what is quite sad is that 30% of young owls will be
killed on our roads by cars in their first year.
This is why we will continue to support this group and try to site more nest boxes around
the farm to maintain as much wildlife as possible.
Busy Time For Wildlife
Bees are rather busy at this time of year gathering as much pollen as possible to survive over
the winter months, pollinators in the garden play a massive part in helping them to achieve
this, Foxglove, hollyhock are just two that bees love and if you don’t have many suitable plants
in your garden it’s not too late for a visit to your local garden center, or if you plant seedlings
now they will be there for next summer, and the great thing is they will seed themselves and
spread into wonderful displays in following years.
Why not also think about siting a insect residence in your garden, this will attract and help many
insects and solitary bees who need to hibernate over the winter months.
Multi Room Insect House                               Large Insect Residence
Helping wildlife will help all creatures and also makes the garden more interesting for all
to watch and enjoy all the wonderful things nature provides.
Wow what weather we are having at the moment, great for British seaside resorts, a trip to the
beach makes a break from the normal routine and if you get lovely weather you can’t beat British
coasts and scenery and the children love having a splash around and making sandcastles.
Must be quite exhausting for birds as well remember to keep those bird baths filled up so they
can also have a good splash around to refresh themselves.
Many customers come to ask advise on which feeders to purchase, there are so many on the market
to choose from, the first question is what type of seed you are wanting to feed, seed , niger , peanuts, fatballs
all need different feeders to suit, then it comes down to budget from the deluxe to the cheap and cheerful
all do the same job but some come with lifetime guarantees and others have easy dismantle for easy
cleaning. The Get Set Go range come in all feeder types and our budget range are great for if you are just
starting to introduce feeders into your garden.
Get Set Go Niger                                 Get Set Go Peanut                              Get Set Go Seed                                  Get Set Go Fat Ball
One of the best sellers is the Ring Pull range we think this may be for the easy cleaning system it incorporates,
one pull and the feeder comes to bits completely and assembling it back together is also very simple, and
this range comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Ring Pull Nigerseed                                                                  Ring Pull Seed
Then we have the Onyx Feeder range which is the deluxe of all our feeders and again comes with a lifetime guarantee.
These come in three different sizes and are available for seed and nigerseed.
If you need any help or advise please do not hesitate to email or call.
Seed For All Birds
I know at this time of year people say the birds start to steady up on the feeders we provide but
I cannot say I have noticed this yet, filling my feeders up most days at the moment and the amount
of visitors is non stop, for what reason not quite sure but I have noticed a lot of young birds visiting.
The seeds we choose will attract different birds, a good general seed is our Standard or Premier which
will satisfy your most common species. Then we get many customers saying they don’t like the growth
on their lawn which is where our Less Mess and No Grow mixes prove to be very popular, the Less Mess
is exactly what it says you will get less mess where as the No Grow you should get no growth at all from
your feeder. Blue tit mix is proving to be a best seller at the moment again not sure why, whether there
are a lot of blue tits around at the moment one can only assume.
Then there are our straight seeds such as Sunflower Kernels, Peanuts and Nigerseed always popular
all year round. Goldfinches, Greenfinches love Sunflower kernels and Nigerseed whereas Peanuts
attract woodpeckers and most birds will have a nibble on them, at the end of the day it is what ever
works for you in your garden, but we love to watch them and their feeding patterns.
Less Mess                                                               No Grow
Premier                                                                   Peanuts
Whichever you choose to feed I hope you get lots of enjoyment watching your wildlife.
Accessories For The Garden
We are often seeing programmes on television about wasting food and how to save money,
and the same applies when feeding wildlife, waste on the floor only encourages vermin which
no one wants and the cost of some seeds can be expensive, such as Nigerseed and Sunflower Kernels.
We have gadgets that can help against waste and are also useful to make the job easier.
We stock Seed Trays to fit on the bottom of feeders which not until you have one do you realize
just how much seed gets thrown on the floor by the birds picking through it.
These are simple to attach with this base attachment included.
Then we also stock Seed Scoops which are a fantastic gadget to transfer your seed from your
seed bag to your feeder without any spillage, again not a big outlay to save seed.
Cleaning Hygiene Brush Sets keeps your feeders clean not only keeping them disease free
for the birds but this will also prolong the life of your feeders.
Saving money in the long run and also keeping your feeders clean and efficient.
House Martins
Hope you all had a good long weekend, weather a little mixed but I think we all managed to
see a little sunshine. We sat in the garden watching the House Martins trying to make their
nests from last season which the Jackdaws had destroyed. I then realized why a lot of our
customers had been buying the ready made ones, you can site them exactly where you want
them to nest and the Jackdaws can’t destroy them, making them and the contents a lot safer
for the breeding period. These come in either Single House Martin or Double House Martin
and are mounted on wood for easy siting. A good investment that will last year’s.
Raisins are a favorite food for Blackbirds and Song Thrushes and at this time of year you can
soak them in water for feeding their young just like you can with Mealworms which have been
popular this season. Thrushes and Blackbirds are both ground feeding birds and are regular
garden visitors.
Have a try at soaking these and see if you get any different visitors to your gardens.
 New Life
Last week in May now, where does the time go, this year seems to be flying by.
The lighter nights are lovely and are great for getting all those jobs done in the garden.
If your like myself I love seeing the young fledglings fluttering around waiting for their
parents to give them a helping hand in the first few days of leaving the nest. I have had
a Robin nesting in my garden shed the young chicks have fledged but are now hanging
around the veg patch which is close by to the shed.
 You can always rely on robins as soon as you start working in the garden one appears,
forever our trusted garden friend.
This is a time of year that I keep feeding the birds as they must be exhausted after rearing their
young and many species will go on to have a second batch, you can sometimes see the young chicks
queuing up at the feeders.
The Archway Ground  Feeder and the Wood Look Green Ground Tray are a great way for feeding
young birds and if you want to deter larger birds cages are available to protect them.
Lots of activity at the moment to watch and enjoy in and around the garden.
Keeping your wildlife happy around the garden encourages them to keep returning
and there is nothing better than watching the antics they get up to, from squabbling
over the feeders to having a good splash in the bird bath.
No matter how large or small garden you may have there is always room to site a bird bath.
The Echoes Bird Bath with Feet and the Echoes Bird Bath & Pedestal have a beautiful ceramic
finish and are frost proof, the Blue Bird Dipper Bird Bath comes complete with stones to help the
smaller birds easy excess, and the Water Dish With Birds again as a lovely finish to it, and if you
have no floor space this Hanging Bird Bath is ideal and will still give the birds a nice refreshing
bath.These will give hours of enjoyment and also keep your wildlife healthy.
And if you fancy a novelty type feeder we think this Swingseat Feeder is great and comes complete
with a ceramic feeding plate to make easy cleaning which is always important for the health of the birds,
feeders have to be kept clean for they can spread a lot of disease if this is not maintained on a regular
So when the weather allows us to sit and enjoy the garden and it’s many visitors.
We introduced our new feeding station a few weeks ago now and it is amazing how
quickly wildlife soon find a food source even though we have rearranged our wildlife
corner, we now have regular visits from goldfinch, robins, blue tit, great tits, blackbirds,
and yesterday we were fortunate to have a great spotted woodpecker visit the peanut
feeder, watching the feeders always gives us joy when we are in the kitchen area making
a coffee, also gives you a break from the computer screen.
Quite a distinctive sight when you do see a woodpecker, and we couldn’t resist taking a
picture of the goldfinch chirping away on the grasses.
Belinda our blue tit now as six chicks that are growing by the day, she and Bert are busy
ferrying food and keeping the nest clean for their brood. Having the camera as been
fascinating to watch, we all have a look as we walk through the shop area and our
customers have loved viewing when they have been stocking up on their bird seed.
Something well worth considering when you site nest boxes, we have waited two years
before we were lucky to have achieved Belinda and Bert, but I do think that nest boxes
have to be weathered well and positioned right to gain residents.
This camera nest box is exceptionally well made and comes complete with camera and all
the wires and connections you will need to complete the job. This is something that could be
sited now so the birds get well used to it before next breeding season.
Something to consider.
Time For Feeders
It gets to this time of year and the feeders get ready for a good clean, many diseases
are transferred by not keeping feeders clean, the feeders that are available can make
this job very simple, the Ring Pull range  are a fantastic feeder which comes apart
with a simple mechanism allowing all the parts to come away without any need
for screwdrivers, hence you can then place all parts in a bucket of soapy water,
give them a good scrub and allow to dry, rebuilding again is very simple and
these feeders come with a lifetime guarantee, a wise investment if you are a keen
bird feeder.
A seed tray is also available to fit on the bottom of the feeders this helps to avoid any waste
that ends up on the ground.
This range comes in seed or nigerseed versions and also three different sizes.
This hygiene cleaning brush set also makes the job easier with the extending brush to reach
down the tube.
On the other end of the scale is the Get Set Go range, which are still a good feeder and are
nice and bright at an affordable price.
Again there is a choice depending on what you are feeding, either seed, nigerseed, peanut or fat balls.
These are just two ranges that we stock at Hall Farm but there are lots more on the web site, if
you need any advise please feel free to give us an email or call, we are always happy to help.
 Beautiful Things
This I think is a beautiful time of year with all the trees bursting into full leaf, and the blossom at it’s best,
Spring bulbs just add that cheerful color to the garden makes you feel happy that winter is finally passing.
The birds are full of activity busy collecting materials for their nests or foraging for food for their young,
and what wonderful birds we have from our reliable Robins always there when you are pottering in the
garden and the busy blue-tits forever fluttering so quickly as though they never get a moment, then the
serene Blackbird quite relaxed going about it’s business.
With our ever declining birds there is one success with the Goldfinch which is one species that as
increased for what reason I am not sure but it may be to the knowledge of their required feed
requirements, Nigerseed is one of their favorite seeds and these are now widely available.
Here at Hall Farm we have certain mixes that are for specific birds and then with our Standard
and Premier mixes which cover a wide spectrum for general feeding at affordable prices and this
enables our customers to feed their garden birds all year round. If you need any advise please give
us a call or email we are always happy to give help and advise on any of our products.
Hedgehog Awareness Week
30th April to 6th May is Hedgehog Awareness Week,this is to make us aware of the ever declining
population of our iconic hedgehogs, British Springtime wouldn’t be the same without the appearance of
our spikey garden visitor, as the springtime temperatures slowly start to rise they become active once again
after their long sleep. When they first wake up they are really hungry and thirsty, you may even see tracks
across your frosty lawn in their eagerness for their first meal, searching for bugs, grubs and worms this
is a good opportunity to help with either Spikes Hedgehog Food or Dried Mealworms and don’t forget
the fresh water. As Spring warms into Summer Hedgehogs extend their nightly travel. In a single night
a walk of 2-3 miles is common especially if searching for a mate.
By late May or early June, the first young will start to be born and then it won’t be long before they start
to venture out with mother on her rounds, the hoglets need to gain weight so they stand a chance of
surviving through winter, so a regular supply of food and water will help and providing them with a
hogitat or igloo hedgehog home is another way to help give them a permanent residence and although
you may think hedgehogs are only in the countryside the chances are urban hedgehogs are becoming
more frequent due to supply of food and warmth.
So lets all try and be aware and help our little spikey friends.
Wild Life Corner
At the beginning of the year we started to get our thoughts together about our wildlife corner and
we were determined to update the existing features that had been there for a while. Our first task
was a new feeding station, with this area being quite large we knew we wanted something to match
the size, and I am delighted to say at the end of last week it all came together, the birds were a little
shy at first as with any new feeder it takes a few days for them to feel safe, it has been up five days
now and it is very rewarding to see the birds feeding with confidence, each day we are seeing more
We are trying all types of feed and feeders so we will let you know which work best for us, but we
have to remember every garden is different, depending on your area what birds species you will get.
In our feeders we have got Fatballs, Nigerseed, Blue Tit Mix and Suet pellets, all good for this time of
year when the birds need lots of energy for feeding their young.
Our next mission is insects, we are hoping to build a large insect residence, but things are extra busy
at the moment with the Easter break, it seems everyone wants to stock up on their bird food, which
is great that they are looking out for the wildlife.
Keep an eye on the newsletter to see how we progress with the wildlife corner.
Gift Ideas For Easter
With the schools breaking up Easter is fast approaching and no doubt lots of children will receive lots
of Easter eggs, far to many for them to eat alone. I am sure like many of you I try to look for different
things to buy other than chocolate, and with the weather only getting warmer it is nice to spend more
time out doors around the garden. Many children love nature and wildlife and getting them involved
is a great way for them to appreciate our wildlife, so why not purchase something a little different this
Hedgehogs are starting to emerge and providing them with a Hogitat or Igloo Hogitat will not only
delight children that they have spikey friends in the garden, but will also hopefully keep a few more
of our hedgehogs safe.
These Hedgehog Feeding Bowl Green, Hedge Feeding Bowl are also ideal for food and water.
Bats are also a fascinating creature and we have our Chavenage Bat Box which will provide a safe house
for the bats during the daylight hours.
Ladybirds are another insect that children are drawn to, can you remember counting the spots to see how
old they were, not sure that this is the correct way to determine their age, but it was always fun. We have our
Metal Ladybird to add to your garden and also our Ladybird Peanut Feeder which is a quirky feeder for birds.
These are just a few ideas, which probably don’t cost much more than your average Easter egg, and I am sure
will last a lot longer.
Where does time go, we are nearly in April and time is flying by, snowdrops are disappearing to
make way for daffodils. Birds are busy collecting twigs, grasses or mud to make and line their nests.
You can put out some natural nesting material so that they can tease out some cosy strands for lining
their nests or this fiesta nester makes an ideal feature to watch the birds busy at work and this comes
complete with the nesting material.
It’s great to have a relax in the garden with a cuppa watching the birds busy at work after a busy week.
Signs of spring are now emerging all around us, bumblebees are visiting the garden and frogs and toads
are still busy laying their spawn.
This is a perfect time to site a insect residence, we all need bugs in the garden to create a balance for
nature to work, we have several to choose from large insect residence, multi room insect house and
this smaller but attractive bug box.
Enjoy all nature we have some wonderful creatures in the garden and get the children involved they will love
exploring in and around the garden.
Frogs are definitely the topic at the moment in our garden, the pond just seems full of them
and I must admit they are lovely to see, the pond took a bit of a battering this winter and I am
afraid the liner  has took some damage and a repair kit is required to try and repair the damage.
Even so there is still enough water left in to accommodate the frogs.
If you haven’t got the room why not make a bog garden in a pot, a bog garden can provide
a habitat for egg-laying dragonflies and a damp shelter for frogs,toads and newts.
This takes up very little space in your garden, all you need is an old container and you can
always line this with pond liner fill with compost and then plant with moisture loving plants.
This will make a good alternative to a pond.
They also make a great feature in any garden large or small, you can also then add frog habitats,
which will provide shelter for frogs and toads during the warm weather.
Lots to do in the garden at this time of year, keep busy.
 Here at Hall Farm we like to encourage wild birds and our latest project is siting an owl box,
we have chosen the most costly way to do this, an ideal location would either be in a barn or
a tree, but this wasn’t appropriate so we had to site ours on a telegraph pole.
This is the preparation for our owl box and Maysie was just supervising.
Nearly there and the weather was bitterly cold, but once sited we are pleased with the result, now all
we need is a visitor for our five star hotel.
Doesn’t matter if you don’t have space for an owl box, any bird box is well worth siting to help the
wild birds, especially with so many natural sites in decline.
Spring is just around the corner, snowdrops are in full bloom and the mini daffodils are beginning
to brighten up the gardens, a lovely time of year, gone are the dark nights and all things start to look
The birds are starting to build their nests and I am sure it won’t be long before we start to see parents
feeding their new hatched chicks
All we need now is a little sunshine to make us feel that we have turned the corner from winter
and heading into spring.
These little Roosting Nest Pockets are great for birds and can be placed almost anywhere in your garden.
This Robin is busy collecting natural nesting material for it’s nest.
So keep your eye on your garden visitors and see how busy they are this spring time.
The weather forecast for the weekend was for milder weather and they got it right, which was lovely
to have temperatures slightly warmer makes you feel like getting out and about a bit more.
The birds are definitely getting more active and I am sure they are already starting to build their
nests. There are so many things we can do to help our wildlife, I saw my first frog of the season
yesterday and if you do not have a pond in your garden you can always provide a Frog and Toad Bunker,
this will give protection for them and keep them safe.
You could also either buy or make a bug hotel this is great fun and again provides security for lots of
different insects and bugs and also can look very appealing in the garden making a great feature.
And lets not forget the garden birds what I love about them is as soon as you start working in your garden
it’s not long as a Robin appears to catch it’s morning breakfast they get so close and friendly, so providing
a nest box for any garden bird will help them on their way with their family.
So while we are hanging on to this warmer weather enjoy your wildlife and gardens.
 Bird Nest Box Week
Half term here already and although it is still a little cold outside when the sun shines it is pleasant to
get out there and enjoy the fresh air, and with it being bird nest box week it is a perfect time to get
young people involved in our wild life and site a new nest box, whether your in a town,city or countryside
there is always a spot for a nest box and if your fortunate to get spring visitors this will make it more worth while.
Lots of children love wildlife and the good thing about this it gets them out in the fresh air rather than being sat
indoors all the time.
This Open Fronted Robin/Wren/Blackbird/Thrush is a multi purpose box that will encourage lots of
different birds to inspect and see if it is to their liking.
These New England bird boxes come in different colors to make them more appealing in the garden.
So while it is half term have a look and see where you may be able to site a new home for our wild life and with 10%
discount on all nest boxes this month it is an ideal time to treat your garden visitors.
Reading an article this week about Yellowhammers, quite worrying considering their numbers have declined by 54%
between 1970-98 and are now red listed as a bird of conservation concern, as are quite a few other wild birds.
It is a shame that farming is so intensive and so there is a lack of grass and weeds to sustain many birds through the
winter period. But this is where hopefully we can help the wildlife by providing that extra seed during the winter months,
our seed mixes can provide this, our Standard Mix is based around helping sparrows and yellowhammers.
Starting from £8.50 for a 5kg bag this should provide a good breakfast to keep them going.
This month we are offering 10% discount on all our nest boxes to promote nest box week 14th – 21st February.
Our Starter Nest Box is now just £8.55 and this will make a great habitat for many birds.
It can be opened from the side for cleaning when the breeding season is over, and it should last many years.
Take a look around your garden no matter how small there is always room to help wildlife.
Big Garden Bird Watch
Hope you all had a go at the Big Garden Bird Watch, not the best weather but it didn’t stop the birds coming.
In my garden the best count was thirteen Goldfinches, but we had lots of variety including Green-finch, Blue-tits, Great Tits,
Robins, Blackbirds, Wagtails, Starlings, Collared Doves and Pigeons, not a bad selection for a smallish garden.
All done and dusted now and I am ready for the next event which is Nest Box Week which runs from 14th Feb-21st Feb.
I like to think that February is a good month to site new nest boxes so we are offering 10% discount on all our nest box
range on the web site, I have already purchased two and have just got to decide where will be best to site.
Take a look around your garden and decide where best to place a new bird box whether it be for a Robin or Wren or Blue-tits,
lots of different boxes to suit all types of birds. If you need any advise we are always happy to help.
Are You Ready!
This weekend is the Big Garden Bird Watch, are you ready and prepared for just one hour of your time to
help our wild bird population survey.
I hope you have been keeping your feeders well stocked, I am sure you have as this time of year
proves very popular with the garden birds.
What are we most likely to see, from sparrows, starlings,robins,blue tits, great tits, goldfinch, green-finch to wagtails
these are just a few you may be
able to spot this weekend.
Oh and lets not forget the wren, such a small petite little bird but with it’s cute looks you can’t help but love it.
As always don’t forget to keep plenty of fresh water out for them not only for drinking
but birds love to bathe to keep their feathers in tip top condition.
So enjoy your one hour with a cuppa and admire the wonderful wildlife we have around us all year round,
and next week we can start to think about bird nest boxes.
Try and take the time to make your garden inviting to prospective birds looking to nest !
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National Nest Box week 14th February to 21st February

We are trying to encourage you to put up nest boxes in your garden in time for National Nest Box week. It is important to try and keep our wildlife close and thriving. There are so many nest boxes to choose from it doesn’t have to be expensive just practical and suitable to what birds you have in your garden , orchards and wildlife areas !  Here are a small selection from our range but we have loads more to choose from.

Starter Nest Box 
Buy Now
Robin Tea Pot Nester 
Buy Now
Buy Now
Silver Birch Blue Tit Nest Box 
Buy Now
These are just a very small selection that we have to choose from, Whether you have sparrows ! Robins ! Blue Tits ! Wrens ! Swallows ! House Martins!  Blackbirds !  we have loads to choose from , we can offer plenty of advise too if you are unsure on what you need.


Birds Feeding

We are having damp grey drizzly days at the moment, I always think this is a mucky type of weather,

don’t like to wish time away but I am getting ready for the warmth from the sun, I don’t mean red hot but

just that winter sun and when you are directly in it you can feel the power of the rays shining on you.

I am sure many wildlife creatures must feel exactly the same.

My garden feeders are extremely busy at the moment and I am getting a good variety of birds visiting, which is all good for when I take part

in the Big Garden Bird Watch. Lets hope the weather is kind on this weekend.

We have quite a few customers who visit the shop and sometimes have a little moan that they are only feeding

the Starlings and Sparrows but this really is a good thing and we should not get disheartened for these

two breeds are in decline and at the moment they do need our help.

download (72)

So keep your feeders well stocked up regardless of which birds you have visiting you are doing

a fantastic job keeping our wildlife safe.


That Little Extra

Now we are getting closer to the Big Garden Bird Watch don’t forget to keep your feeders well stocked

and maybe add one or two new ones or add some suet based food for that extra energy during the

winter months.


Just one hour of your time can provide vital information about our wildlife, with so many bird numbers in decline.

The house sparrow down in population by 70% and starlings down by 90% mainly due to the young not getting

through their first winter, this is surely where we can make a difference by providing that little extra food.

There is some good news Goldfinches up by 70% over the last twenty years, this is probably down to extra

food being provided by bird lovers. So please try and take time to observe your garden visitors for just one hour.


Lots of things to take part in !!

wreath pic

We have a busy couple of months ahead, January and February are both busy counting months with the Big Garden Bird Watch on 28th – 30th January and The Farmland Bird Count 3rd February to 12th February. If you can spare the time to take part it will help the monitoring of our british bird populations. February will then bring National Nest Box Week 14th February to 21st February… It is vital that we try and help provide some suitable nesting sights for our garden birds in our gardens and orchards…. We have plenty of Nest Boxes to choose from if you haven’t managed to get round to putting one up yet, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just basic and dry and warm, our feathered friends will be grateful of a home to raise their little brood in !


Our latest Nest Box Complete with Camera 


Big Garden Bird Watch



Big Garden Bird Watch

It is that time of year again, here at Hall Farm Wild Bird Supplies we are getting ready for The Big Garden Bird Watch which is fast approaching, have you registered yet ?? go to the RSPB website and register and download your pack . It takes place over the weekend of 28th to  30th January 2017. Choose an hour that fits in with you over that weekend, make yourself a cuppa and count away and then log down what you have seen, simple as that. Happy Counting. Don’t forget to share your sightings and photographs with us on our Facebookpage, we would love to hear from you.





Happy new year,

Steps to keep our garden birds healthy.

Feed them healthy food, the food you provide can be a real lifeline, especially now in winter.

Clean your feeders regularly this prevents disease which can be passed on through your feeders.

Top up your bird baths, this helps the birds keep their feathers in tip top condition.

Put up a bird box, now is the perfect time to site one in your garden.

Plant a shrub, one with dense cover such as a holly or mahonia, these also have the added bonus of a crop of juicy berries.

Leave seedheads, these not only provide food but also cover for lots of different insects.

Try to leave chemicals out of the garden and let nature find its balance.

Mealworms are a favorite especially in breeding season.

download-60 download-61 download-47

This should keep you busy, but the rewards are worth it.










Well we are on the last week run up to Christmas, last minute presents are always the

hardest to think what to buy, but we have plenty to offer on our web site and also at

varying prices.



From feeders to t-towels and all the above gifts for under £10.00.

download (4)t171_36f59b9acc01955f6c064c85abcef82edownload-39678-small-elephant-679-large-elephant-v4

You can see above our choice is varied so there is plenty to suit every taste.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and a big thank you to all

our customers.

Speak in the New Year.



Hope you are all getting in a festive mood as there is not long to go now.

I am trying to get the last bits of Christmas shopping completed which seems an endless task.

This feeding station I think is a great idea for any garden.


You can then choose to hang what ever feeders you prefer, I like this ladybird peanut feeder.

Also on our web site you will find this frost proof bird bath and stand, which as the option of

standing low on small feet which are included or on the pedestal which raises it.


Always a bonus when you can leave items out all winter.

Also on the web site you will find these attractive bird boxes which make a fantastic gift.


I have two of these in my garden and cannot wait until the Spring to see if I am lucky

enough to have birds nesting in them.

Hope this gives you a few ideas, don’t forget we are always happy to help or give advice.




We are having some seasonal weather at the moment which I actually like,

gets you in the mood for Christmas, getting wrapped up and going for a brisk walk.

then coming home to a nice hot cuppa by the fire. We have a lovely range of mugs,

Alex Clark designs which covers a vast range and all made from china, which always makes a cup of tea

taste that bit nicer.


You can see there is a design to suit everyone’s interest or hobby.

Our Robin Nester T-Pot as always is proving a popular gift and new in this season is the Camera Nest Box which is well made and strong.


Feeders may seem a little dull as a gift but what can be more useful to the keen bird lover,

our selection again is varied from budget range to the top of the range in quality and looks.

GSG PEANUT FEEDERlifetime nigerseedsupa-caged-wild-bird-seed useRing_Pull_2_port__nigerseedOnyx_Black_Small_nigerseed

If you need any help or advise we are always happy to take your call or e-mail.






We are having some seasonal weather at the moment with cold frosty mornings, but some beautiful sunny days,

I quite enjoy this type of weather, rather than dull damp grey days which can often be the case in November.

Still cracking on with the Christmas shopping and this week I just had to bring your attention to our vast

selection of mugs and T-Towels starting from just £5.00 for a beautiful wildlife design, and our T-Towels

are so colorful and bright they make a wonderful gift, practical and will be used all year round.



As you can see from the pictures for little money you can achieve a delightful present. Next week we will adventure into more gifts, but in the meantime

keep warm and busy with the build up to the Xmas period.


I have started the Christmas shopping and I have been inspired by all the habitats we can

provide our wildlife, this helps our little creatures and can make an attractive focal point

in our gardens, from hedgehogs to insects and bats there is a vast range to choose from.


92527bug barnMulti Room Insect Housedownload-45

This is just a small selection we can provide there are lots more to view on the web site.

I think getting children involved in our wildlife is a wonderful thing and teaches them from an early age to appreciate

our creatures we have around us.

If you need any help or advise please give us a call or e-mail we are only too glad to help.













This week I have started the Christmas shopping list, yes it needs to be done, some people are so hard to buy for,

who wants that useless gift, so I have decided this year I shall try to buy useful things that are good for all year.

So many people love their gardens and the wildlife it attracts, it can give so much pleasure, our lives can be hectic

at times, so relaxing watching wildlife is a good way to wipe away the stress of day to day life.

water-bowl-with-2-birdsconiston-bird-bathdownload-39 download-40

Bird baths make an ideal gift for the garden and available for all budgets. These are frost proof and will give many years enjoyment.


This wooden bird box with inbuilt camera is the perfect gift for the bird enthusiast,

strong and well made, there are cheaper ones on the market but the finish on this one is in our opinion superior.


These bird boxes come in various colors and again are well made and will look so pretty in any garden.

Garden ornaments are very popular at the moment and we have lots to choose from in the shop.

download-31 download download-13 crisp-owl supa-metal-pheasant

We are always happy to take your calls if you need any help.

Enjoy your shopping!









Winter is coming and it’s at this time when our wildlife needs all the help we can give it.

I looked out the window this morning and noticed the feeders were being used with goldfinch, green finch,

blue tits, great tits and the usual sparrows, and then the lone little robin appeared for his feed.

This was a large increase from the recent weeks, the feeders seemed to decrease every time I looked out.

Keeping them topped up is vital at this time especially with these colder mornings we are experiencing at the moment.


From wildbird mixes to straight sunflower hearts or niger seed there are lots to choose from, I think once you find one that suits your wildlife

you won’t be short of visitors.

Once I had placed my feeders I soon realised how much was wasted by birds throwing out seed onto the floor,

so I brought a seed tray which attaches to the base of the feeder, well impressed and now you can see the birds

picking up of the tray, this saves it landing on the floor, so there is less waste.


Very simple to fit and easy to clean when required.

Take care of your wildlife and this gives lots of pleasure watching them.







Well we have altered the clocks and Winter draws ever closer, the Autumn trees have been the most stunning colors I can ever remember.

It as got to that time of year when feeding the wildlife needs us most and I am sure like myself this can give us lots of pleasure, watching

them feeding and having squabbles with one another can be quite amusing.

Check your feeders making sure they are clean and all in good order, there are lots on the market now and the choice is vast,

from lifetime guarantees to affordable budget these are all available on our web site and if you need any advise about what best suits you

please give us an e-mail or call we are always happy to help.

Ring_Pull_2_port__nigerseed GSG SEED FEEDERdownload-10download-11Onyx_Black_Small_nigerseed

As you can see these are just a few of what we stock, whether you want seed, peanut, niger or fat ball feeders our choice is large.

Keep your feeders topped up and you will soon get your regular visitors.


This Robin T-Pot Nester is proofing very popular at the moment , made from metal and looks appealing to the eye and can be hung from any tree or fence.


These nest boxes will add a splash of color and again are well made from wood and they also have an hole protector

to stop any wear and tear on the entrance.

So please start to think about our wildlife and how you can help it through the Winter months.






Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with so many different colors to admire.


Conkers and chestnuts with their beautiful tones of color, you just can’t resist picking them on

your country walks. Roasted chestnuts are a traditional winter warmer by the fire, or walking round

Christmas markets nibbling and enjoying the atmosphere.

Fungi is abundant at the moment and again the colors are simply stunning.

images-13 images-14 images-15 images-16 images-17

What beautiful nature we have, take a walk and enjoy especially now it is half term

and the children can also enjoy, much better than sitting on the sofa!

It’s that time again when we should be cleaning out any nest boxes you have,

ready for the next breeding season, and beetles and insects are looking for places to shelter

over winter, we need all creatures to create life’s natural balance thus reducing the need for chemicals

for pest control.

Enjoy your Halloween and don’t forget to keep your pets and wildlife save.









Autumn is setting in fast and this made me think about all our little creatures that have to try and survive the coming winter,

this can’t be easy with the darker days and cold mornings and nights. Then I found this picture of this cute little dormouse hibernating,

he had found an old birds nest to snuggle into and hopefully survive the winter months.


and then lets not forget our hedgehogs who have to try and grow to a healthy 450grams to stand any chance of surviving through their hibernating period.

download-29 images-9

Lots of people now provide hedgehog homes for them and these have been very popular in the shop with lots to chose from.


Ladybirds and insects also need that cosy home for winter and there are also lots of choice for us to provide this for them.

images-8 These ladybirds have found a stem to call their home for winter.

But with many people pruning their gardens these get harder to find, so bug hotels make an excellent alternative.

bug houseMulti Room Insect Housebug 2

When you are all wrapped up in a nice warm bed just take a minute and think about our wildlife on those cold bleak nights

and think what we can do to help, I am sure we would greatly miss them if they didn’t survive the winter.




















Days are getting shorter, but there is still time for walks through the countryside. Many leaves have started to fall and I love

trampling through and listening to the crunch underfoot.Keep wrapped up against the cold and damp and this makes it as enjoyable as those

walks in the warmer months.

Browsing through a magazine I noticed this creative way to feed the birds, and with half term approaching I thought this would be

a great way to entertain the children.


As you can see from the picture many items can be found in our gardens,sunflower heads,

apples that have fallen, twigs and berries and fir cones. The ring at the top is made from flexible

twigs and ivy to form a circle and then add your strings full of goodies for the birds to enjoy.

this could make quite an entertaining afternoon.












Yes its fast approaching winter is on it’s way, don’t despair there is still plenty of warm sunshine around to enjoy.

Time to light the fire and enjoy a cuppa while watching the garden birds enjoying their winter treats which we supply for them.

Suet pellets are a good source of energy and these can be mixed in with any bird seed for that extra energy needed for the winter months.


Keep your feeders well stocked and don’t forget to supply water in the winter months especially when the frosts start.

Have you thought about a hedgehog home, they will start to hibernate in October.

Once you have decided where to site it, just make a bed out of leafs from the garden and I am sure they will be happy and cosy.


Then we have to start to think about Christmas and in the shop we have beautiful calender’s and diaries by Robert Fuller, these make an ideal gift

for anyone who loves wildlife, the pictures are stunning.

download (4)download (1)

Preparing for the colder weather 

Gosh isn’t the weather turning colder, the birds are starting the feed heavier now so try and keep your feeders and bird baths topped up, a lot of people tend to forget they need water too ! . You need to be feeding some products that are higher in nutrients now to give our little feathered friends some extra energy. Sunflower Hearts are a good nutritious treat for them and also start thinking about High Energy mixes which have all the right ingredients for keeping them all warm in the colder weather.

High_Energy_Mix    Sunflower_Hearts_Kernels

Ideally add some suet some products to help them along their way, there are plenty to choose from, fat balls, suet pellets to add into what ever mixes or sunflower hearts you are feeding

GSG FAT FEEDER              Peanut_butter_feeder_pack           Insect_Suet_Pell_(1KG+5KG)

I am sure they will be very grateful of your supplies.

We have a new little natter drinker in stock now too in a lovely shade of Green to keep a water supply available.


Now is also the ideal time to site a new nest box in the garden, your garden birds will be starting to check out suitable nesting sights  and new homes we have lots to choose from , to suit all price ranges, and choices. We now even have a nesting box complete with a camera in stock so you can to keep an eye on them and watch the eggs hatch off, a super gift idea for Christmas !!


Pop in and have a browse, we are only little but we have lots to choose from, come and see our Christmas gift ideas………… we even have T shirts now !


See you all soon……………………….




It’s that time of year, nature is starting to change to autumn and I love to see the changing colours when the leaves start to fall, beautiful golds and browns that crunch and rustle when your walking.

As I walk a little further I admire the stunning lace web’s the spiders have created and the heavy dew sparkle like diamonds.

p1020877-002 p1020878-002

This is when a bug house must make a inviting home for our wildlife that need protection.

bug houseMulti Room Insect House

The conkers are also starting to drop with their spiky shells cracking as they fall revealing the shiny deep brown  coat.


I am sure many of you can remember playing with the conkers on strings in the school playground, hoping that the conker didn’t catch your fingers.

Lets hope there are still a few days left of warm sunshine to enjoy our walks in the countryside.









Go For Green is our motto this month for our new stock arriving which obviously is all green and look super smart for the garden.

The new Fiesta Nester, Feeder and Drinker are in beautiful ceramic and look stunning in any garden.

s-l1000 fiesta-nester-groen-gratis-nestmateriaal-34314-2

Also arrived this week are these cute little hedgehog bowl, also in a green ceramic, I am sure the hedgehogs will love these.


The New England Nest Box also in green is strong and well made.


Now is a good time to site nest boxes so that they are well weathered for the next breeding season, and the birds can investigate and inspect.

Hope you all enjoy our products for our Go For Green month.



Chilly damp mornings seem to be approaching fast, and the children are returning back to school, where does the year go?

I am sure as you have been out and about you have noticed one or two items appearing in the shops ready for the festive season, I know for many it is much to early to start thinking about, but we have to start early to be able to get the stock in the shop before all the supplies are taken. So many gifts are wasted or stored in a drawer for months on end, so it is wise to think useful and here at Hall Farm we think we have lots of gifts that are just that.

We recently had our first delivery of calender’s and diaries from Robert Fuller, when they arrived we were delighted with the quality, and the pictures are stunning.

download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4)

These make a useful but thoughtful gift to anybody that loves and appreciates wildlife.

Our next delivery also make a lovely gift and will give many years enjoyment for the garden, watching the little birds splashing around in these bird baths.


This one can be purchased either with the low feet or with a taller stand, either way these are high quality and are also frost proof.

One of our most popular buys was the Robin Tea Pot and we have been able to restock this again.

t pot nester

So appealing and will fit into any garden size.

These are just a few ideas to hopefully give you a little inspiration for the fast approaching season. New stock arriving daily and we will keep you up to speed in the coming weeks.[/vc_column_text]

Here at Hall Farm we don’t only sell bird seed we are very much a working farm, so at this time of year it gets busy, and we like to keep you informed of how a farm works around the weather conditions. When it is not fit for combining we are straight onto other jobs, and one of these jobs is to start planting next years crops. One of the first to be planted is the oil seed rape, this is a quick process and you really have to be heads up.

Cutting the hedges is first, this keeps the farm looking tidy and also helps our countryside look smart. Then on the fields that are marked for rape a liquid fertilizer is applied this will help the new crop get established. We then start to plant the seed, this needs a powerful tractor as the land can be dry, this is known as micro seed which is planted straight on last years stubble with minimal cultivation, then it can be rolled to squash any lumps of soil. A pre-emergence spray is then applied to kill any unwanted pests and finally slug pellets are spread so the slugs don’t eat the young plants as the emerge. This may sound straight forward but it is a speedy process and you can’t afford to let the weather beat you. Then once the weather picks up again we are straight back on the combine and once again we are at the mercy of the weather.


images (3)

This is oil seed rape in full flower, when it is ripe the seeds are used in margarine’s also in cosmetics and detergents and the pulp is used in animal feeds, you may have seen the oil on the super market shelf, it is now widely available for cooking and salad dressings, and a bonus is that the bees love too pollinate the flowers keeping them busy.

We will try and keep you up to speed with the rest of our harvest and the next stages for replanting next years crops.

Now is a perfect time to create a bug home. A wildlife stack creates the right mix of habitats for a wide range of species. Creatures such as centipedes, bumblebee queens and beetles need a cool and dry shelter to winter in, so the nooks and crannies within a bundle of sticks or pine cones make a perfect retreat. Amphibians might rest among stones and roof tiles, while holes drilled into logs and posts will lure spiders now and nesting solitary bees next spring and summer.

You can make your own out of pallets, plant pots, pine cones, bricks, stones, logs, roof tiles, sticks, bamboo the list is endless, fix a layer of felt in between and this will keep it dry.


If you do not have time to make your own there are lots on the market ready to site in your garden, find a quiet corner to site your home.

Multi Room Insect Housebug housebug barn

This is our multi room insect house, followed by our insect residence and our friendly bug barn.

These are all available on our web site and more besides ,take a browse and see where one may fit in your garden, or get building your own.

Whether you choose large or small you will be helping our little creatures through the winter time whether this is for hibernating or for laying their eggs they are a brilliant asset to any garden.

Harvest time on any farm is the busiest time of year, after providing the crops with all the necessary food this is when hopefully all the hard work and worry pays and you hope to see the store full of grain. Every year the weather plays a massive part  in this and this is in the hands of mother nature and as much as we try there just is no way we can change this, if you are in farming or know some one in farming you may have realized it only rains on them, but in all reality i am afraid it is the same for everybody, but aside from all the doom and gloom this is a time i enjoy seeing the combines out and the straw being bailed and while this is happening you see lots of wild life hunting for their survival.

download (5) download (4)

Kestrels and Buzzards are a regular sight while you are working in the fields and they are pleasure to view, this seems to keep you going after a long day which can sometimes run late into the night, tawny and barn owls are another favorite if you are lucky to spot them.

download (7) download (6) images (1)

So if your out this summer evenings see if you can spot one of these beautiful birds.

Remember this is a vital time to keep your bird feeders topped up and provide water as this  is essential to help all our favorite birds.



As ever been a busy week here at Hall Farm and like many people i needed to take time out to enjoy whats around us and we don’t always appreciate this.

I decided to take a stroll, as we have been fortunate to have two owlets in one of our nest boxes, hoping to catch a glimpse of them without intruding.

I settled down close to the nest site and waited patiently for quite a while but was not lucky to catch a viewing, but all was not in vain, sitting there

winding down after my busy week i caught these on my camera.

deer 3 deer 2

I then watched the sun setting and as i relaxed i thought this set me up for another busy week at Hall Farm.

sunset 2sunset 1

Providing food for your birds is one of the most helpful things you can do for your garden visitors.

Some birds prefer to feed on ground level, there are lots of different types of feeders to be able to supply their needs.

The UK’s favorite bird our friendly Robin is one of these and many others such as Thrushes, Dunnocks, Collared Doves, Pied Wagtail.

Also there are protective cages for them while they are feeding these will help against prowling cats.

Our Ground Feed Mix is packed with scummy seeds containing chopped sunflowers, chopped peanuts, kibbled maize, sultanas and dried mealworms

making this a complete food for any ground feeders or bird tables.

Archway Ground Feedergrond feed trayground feed cage

These orange cup feeders are also ideal to place in any garden border and are easy to move around the garden.

orange cup holder

As you can see our ground feed mix is full of feed value.

ground feed web pic

We are having an out of season sale on our bird boxes.

As natural nesting sites are in decline, many different birds such as blue tits, house sparrows, robins

and swifts will use a bird box if it is provided for them.

Site your box at least 2m above ground and not too close to bird feeders, also not south facing

as the chicks inside will overheat on a sunny day.

So for a short while we are offering 10% discount on all our bird boxes, please see the web site.

This is a perfect opportunity to purchase one as it will be weathered and available for viewing for the next breeding season.

bird box 2)P1010900P1010883t-pot-nester-300x300

National Insect Week runs fron 20th to 26th June, it was launched at London Zoo on Monday.

Each day is featuring a Bug of the Day, Monday being the Common Dronefly, looks like a honey bee but is unable to sting and has just two wings.

Tuesday is Giant Willow Aphid, loves living in willow trees, being a pest to some but like many off our insects plays a vital roll in pollination.

We think this is a perfect opportunity to introduce a bug hotel into your garden whether large or small we have many different sizes to suit.

bug houseMulti Room Insect House bug 2

Many children see insects as scary but this is a perfect time to encouage them to explore insects and learn what a vital roll they plat in our world.

Have a Bug Day with them and see how many different insects you spot, maybe take a photo or draw pictures, take a stroll by the river and see if you spot

any mayflies and dragonflies.butterflydragonflymay fly


Don’t know about you but were getting fed up of this wet weather, don’t know whether to put my trousers or shorts on in the morning. Poor little birds don’t know if there coming or going sunshine and showers, warm and cold this seems to be our typical summer at the moment. Why not cheer your birds up with these great new feeders that have just arrived in the shop, red, blue, yellow and green will add a dash of colour to your garden? Ideal for encouraging children, grandchildren to help wild life and learn what’s out there affordable for everyone’s purse.



Red for Woodpecker Peanuts

Yellow for Goldfinch Nigerseed

Green for Bluetit Small Seed

Blue for Suet Balls for all garden birds

All the fat balls and seeds are available too



spikes dinnerhedgehog bowlhedgehog house

Spring is blooming and our little spikey friends are starting to appear , it is time to start looking after our friendly hedgehogs .

To help them it is best to feed dry biscuits such as Spikes Dinner , wet food is apparently bad for their teeth, also dry mealworm


Well here we are already, 2016, so Happy New Year to you all, hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year holiday. Here at Hall Farm we have had a well earned week off, we have all returned feeling well rested and refreshed and we are all looking forward to the busy months ahead.

There is lots to look forward to in the coming months, We have “The Big Garden Bird Watch” this takes place over the weekend of 30th and 31st January 2016, if you would like to take part you need to visit RSPB to register for your free pack and instructions and you will be good to go ! all you need to do is spare an hour of your time over that weekend and list what birds come into your garden and then record them on the RSPB Let us know how it goes if you can take part and share your sightings and photographs with us. We have some small bird guides and books if you are unsure on some of our feathered friends to help identify them.

M19309 m21365

We are also looking forward to “National Nest Box Week” This takes place February 14th to February 21st. This is to encourage families and individuals to put up a new Nest Box to coax birds into the garden to build their nests and hopefully settle to lay their eggs and hatch a new little brood

.t pot nestersingle_house_martin_nesterSUPA_Multi_Use_Nest_BoxStarter_Nest_BoxSilver_Birch_Robin_BoxNew_England_Bird_BoxSilver_Birch_Tit_Box

We have lots of nest boxes to suit all purses and budgets so it doesn’t have to cost the earth to help to do your bit for nature. We have a wonderful array of new homes to suit all types of gardens, Take a look on our New Website or pop into our little shop at Weston which is bursting at the seams with all you need for your garden birds, and lots of wonderful new Nest Boxes on “Hall Farm Avenue”, all open for viewing… starter homes… semi detached…. detached…. all open for viewing at a time convenient to you ! Pop in and see us, Maysie our Labrador will meet and greet you at the door and welcome you.

If you already have a nest box in your garden don’t forget to empty and clean out if you had it occupied last season, give it a good scrub with some hot water and bleach or bird friendly disinfectant and that should clean it well, leave to dry and re hang. You can also be thinking about some nesting products which you can put out to help them whilst nest building, if you get an old net something like an onion net ! and fill it with old bits of wool, feathers, moss, string, pet hair, cotton. These are all useful nest building materials. this could be hung a short distance away from nest boxes and then birds will save their energy if they don’t have to fly to far for their supplies.

Don’t forget to keep your feeding and water bowls / baths topped up well, temperatures drop quite low at night and the birds need extra food to give them all the nutrients they need to keep them healthy and warm. Sunflower Hearts, Hall Farm High Energy Mix, suet pellets, fat balls and suet coconuts are all great products to feed this month whilst the weather is all a bit unpredictable.

Happy Bird Watching, don’t forget to visit our face book page and twitter and follow us to find out what we are up to at Hall Farm Wild Bird Supplies.

A new wildlife area has been created at Hall Farm to provide a habitat for primarily birds and insects. A wildflower meadow mix coupled with a meadow cornflower mix were planted earlier this year as well as a large range of butterfly and bee friendly plants to encourage new wildlife into the area. In addition, we have also saved an old tree stump which has been suitably placed within the area and is proving very successful in attracting a large variety of insects and small mammals such as shrews. This in turn is providing a food source for some of the birds that visit including wrens which haven’t visited our Weston site before.


wildlife corner update 15th May 2014 002


We’ve teamed up with one of our customers who is a beekeeper and have had two hives of honey bees installed on the site. This addition has been beneficial as we have learnt more about bees and beekeeping as well as increasing the number of pollinators for the wildlife area. The honey gathered from these hives will be on sale later in the year.


If creating a wildlife area in your garden is something that interests you, we stock a range of suitable homes for insects, bugs, bats and hedgehogs. These are ideal for starting your own nature corner.


All Things Hedgehog

cartoon hogi cartoon hogi


Hibernation time is nearly upon us, have you created or installed a hedgehog house in your garden yet ???

We have lots of ideas for you,

Hogitatfor sale sign Hogitat


Hedgehog sheltersHedgehog Igloos…..all available for viewings, no chain……

Accessorize your new home

hedgehog bowl

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl … Fill me with

our tasty Hall Farm Hedgehog Mix or some nutritional dried mealworms and don’t forget you can also fill me with water too….

Robin_and_Hedgehog_Mixcartoon hogiDried_Mealworms_500g

During the month of October for every hedgehog related purchase we will give a free 250gm bag of dried mealworms….. this includes any purchased item in the shop with a hedgehog on it, cards, mugs, wrapping paper, tea towels ……..

Robert_Fuller_Mug_hedgehog hedgehog_expanded cartoon hogi giftwrap-hedgehog untitled

Even to make your own hedgehog shelter isn’t too difficult,

A few bricks, offcuts of wood, logs, brash and leaves from the garden can all be used to create your own little masterpiece which any appreciative hedgehog will be most grateful for.

Fact… Hedgehogs need to be 450gm minimum to get through hibernation

Fact… Hedgehogs need to be kept hydrated, provide bowls of water

If you go to our face book page we have a very useful fact sheet to help you help out hedgehogs, come on guys they need us, help if you can…. our wildlife is important.

For all your Garden bird supplies and accessories, visit our new shiny website…

Happy Hedgehog Helping…….

Providing food for your birds is one of the most helpful things you can do for your garden visitors.

Some birds prefer to feed on ground level, there are lots of different types of feeders to be able to supply their needs.

The UK’s favorite bird our friendly Robin is one of these and many others such as Thrushes, Dunnocks, Collared Doves, Pied Wagtail.

Also there are protective cages for them while they are feeding these will help against prowling cats.

Our Ground Feed Mix is packed with scummy seeds containing chopped sunflowers, chopped peanuts, kibbled maize, sultanas and dried mealworms

making this a complete food for any ground feeders or bird tables.

Archway Ground Feedergrond feed trayground feed cage

These orange cup feeders are also ideal to place in any garden border and are easy to move around the garden.

orange cup holder

As you can see our ground feed mix is full of feed value.

ground feed web pic